Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Love Packages ! ! !

Oh boy, did I have a fun mail delivery, I received my partner's Spring Swap mat today.  This has been a very fun event and the second of four that is a part of the Sensational Seasonal Swap which I joined on  For those of you who have been reading my blog you already read about the winter swap as I posted a picture of the snowman mat I hooked.
This is the great mat my partner sent me.  Along with the great wools, and the spun yarn which she used in the sheep which is pulling the wagon of flowers.  And, hey, check out those wool covered magnets.  I can use them to put on my linen to hold my scissors but decided to put them on my fridge door so I can see them whenever I walk by or open the door.    Thank you Barbara!!!!!!!  I love it all.

This is the mat that my partner received from me.  I also sent along some wools and chocolate to her.

I've already planned my Summer Swap piece but don't know yet who my partner is.  The wonderful Jo-Anne on the group takes precious time out of her day to host these various swaps.  She hosts 'ugly wool' swaps where it travels around to the locations of the participants where someone takes out something and puts something in return; then it is off to the next recipient.  But if you think about it, there's NO ugly wool. Yet, for someone who likes only brights a drab dark might be an ugly.  So bet'cha that dark drab wool would be my favorite since I like primitive.

Oh, it was also Jo-Anne who started the Sincerely Jane Challenge.  She is one enthusiastic rug hooker and does a lot on the group to keep us an active group, focused, interested and challenged.  So whether you just read, participate, post, or whatever, here is the link to join.  But please be sure to read the messages on the home page.


  1. Love your swap gifts.
    it sounds like a very fun group.

  2. What great mats! Love them both. Are the magnets covered w/ hooking?

  3. Yes, the magnets are covered with wool and applique stars on top.


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