Monday, July 2, 2012

When I'm Not Hooking......

In my regular work-a-day world (before retirement) I was an administrative assistant to corporate presidents and my favorite job was for a lawyer.  And then for fun started making dolls in the evenings and weekends.  Since I'd made my own clothes and those for family had the skills necessary and thought it would be fun to do shows, get out among people and make a little cash to boot.

Then, just before retirement decided that I wanted to learn how to hook.  In all honesty I started out rather cheaply with an inexpensive hook, a hoop and purchased pre-cut wool strips.   When it became apparent that I did want to continue with the craft, decided I'd better start slowly gathering the equipment necessary to do the job right while I was earning some income with a regular job.

So then once the hooking came the dollmaking was no longer fun.  In the beginning I wanted to keep everything I hooked but eventually, knowing the hooking was here to stay, decided that I'd better try and sell some of my hooked pieces so that I could continue to feed my hooking habit.  However, rugs don't sell nearly as fast as a doll because of the cost involved. Therefore it requires me to make a doll every now and then and I complain to myself the whole time.

In two weeks I have a show and have a customer who loves my black dolls so I try to have something that may be of interest to her when she goes to the show.  I've sent her an e-mail already to alert her before I post a picture on my web site.  And, if she doesn't want it I have a feeling that Bev Conway will.
Meet Grandpa Zeke.  He is 35" tall, has wool locks for hair, button eyes, needlesculpted nose, and stitched lip.
FYI, I have tried over and over again to get all the text colors to be the same and no matter how many times I try, no matter how many times I scroll thru the whole thing and click on one color it changes at will.  When I first posted the blog there was some text which was in a white background.  SO, went in and changed that.  I am NOT surprised people are leaving Blogger.



  1. I love him !!!!!!!
    I enjoy making dolls, but it seems the hooking and punching take up too much time !!!...:)

  2. My goodness. Joan has a wonderful collection of your dolls and I don't think she can resist Grandpa Zeke!
    I have been having some of the same issues with blogger lately! GGGGRRRR!!!
    Happy 4th to you, dear friend.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. WOWSER!!!!!!!! Girlfriend, you kill me. Such talent!!!!!!

    I went in and looked at your website again. OMG - the beautiful rugs you have for sale! Just breath taking.........makes me wish I had an unlimited budget, right now.

    The little Annie doll with the hooked face is so precious!!!!!! Great great job!!!!!!


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