Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Almost Back to Normal

Almost back to normal after my show but this heat and humidity  is making the recovery period somewhat longer because I had to cut grass yesterday.  Today is even hotter than yesterday but at least that chore is done and I'm in the A/C.  I've a couple things on frames that I'm working on. One is the spiral chair pad that I started a few weeks ago but put aside to finish up other hooking projects.  That is what I took to the show to work on between customers ~ I did get a few loops pulled but not a whole lot of progress.

If you recall I'd drawn it out smaller than Karen Kahle Spiral Chair Pad and had less distance between the rows for the spiral so pulled out my loops and redrew the design.  Reason was because I forgot to write down the instructions and just sorta guessed.  Then I located the instructions and redrew it.
So with the spiral mat waiting in the wings, I've begun working on my 4th and final Sensational Seasonal Swap  which is the fall season.  Tho I don't know who my swap partner will be yet I have started hooking it so that it will definitely be done and ready to be mailed to my partner the middle of August.   Here is a picture of it with a flash and the background doesn't really look all that white in person.  As you can see I'm being thrifty once again with a sewn extra margin all around so that the small pieces of backing may be utilized.  And you can see my 'snip and tuck' on the right ~ there is a magnet under the backing and under the applique star is another magnet which holds my scissors, inside the pouch is where my Hartman hook nestles.
This is a picture of the piece without a flash.  The design is by Lori Brechlin of NotForgottenFarm and came from a booklet titled Harvest Thyme.
Hopefully whoever my partner is won't see this and when she or he finds out that I am their partner hope they don't find out what I'm hooking until they get it in the mail.

Thanks for visiting and want to let you know that I've recently listed some patterns that I'm thinning out, some are for narrow cut, some for wide cut ~ on monks, rug warp and burlap.  If you are from Michigan you may with to check out the Michigan Mitt purse I hooked which is listed as well.  I hooked it as a sample for a well-known hooker/teacher and she sent it back to me after the class was over.  Well, I hail from Delaware so the purse is of no use to me.  Funny thing tho, I had it hanging in my booth at the craft show and people walked by laughing at why I'd be selling a purse of Michigan when I was sitting in Delaware ~ must say they had a point and I immediately pulled it off as soon as they walked by.


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