Saturday, July 7, 2012

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men....

... words contributed to John Steinbeck on his novel "Of Mice and Men".   Today I had grandiose plans to sit and hook my lion rug so I could move on.  But, as it has been known to happen, I took a hard right turn and my plans changed in a flash.  

This all came about because I sent my newsletter yesterday of my upcoming show in Lewes.  Within an hour I received an order for Uncle Sam which was listed on my web site.  Yes, it is after the July 4th celebration but we will have more patriotic holidays coming up.  So to my Americana container I went and to my surprise there was no Uncle Sam in there.  Unfortunately I must have sold him at my last show and had  forgotten to remove him from my web site or to make another.  So here I am busting my butt to make one before next Friday when I load my van.  Here is the Sam I am to reproduce.
And when it rains it  I also had an order for patterns from someone (which have since been drawn), plus an order for a Domestic Zoo (thank gawd I had one of those big suckers drawn and ready to ship), but also an order for an E.S. Frost Sheep rug which I don't have drawn.  Problem there is I haven't heard back whether it is the one with the scrolls or the one with the birds and flowers so that will have to be drawn sometime this next week for sure.

So while I would like to go in and 'hook a spell' on my lion I will be stuffing the legs of the Sam, painting the shoes, stuffing the body and don't even have the clothing cut out yet.  

So what was it I said a few blogs ago about my doll making and how I'd rather be hooking?  Yeah, but the sale of this will buy me more wool to hook with.  That's the mindset I need to keep.

By the way, at 6:30 p.m in Seaford, DE it is 102 outside.  I cannot wait to hear the record breaking temps we must have reached today.

Stay cool and thanks for visiting.



  1. Oh Lord... I haven't heard what the actual temp was we hit today, but I caught the last sec of our news and they said the " heat index" was 104
    Love that Uncle Sam !! Yep, just keep clicking your heels saying " sell dolls, buy more wool...sell dolls, buy more wool "
    stay cool !!

  2. i feel for's not much cooler in florida. i sure hope my mom has her AC on today,she lives on middleford rd. try to keep cool! denise

  3. Denise, I wanted to reply to your e-mail personally but you have a "no reply" comment to my blog. I'd love to know who your mother is and when you'll be in town so we can get together or you can come to visit at the show in Lewes if you are up this way next week.


  4. Saundra ~
    Oh what we will do to support our habit! Uncle Sam is wonderful!!!
    It was a hot one here in northern Ohio, too. Tomorrow we should be almost 20 cooler. It will be heavenly.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Doesn't it just figure that when you want to do something special, stuff gets in the way! But at least you are making money so you can buy more wool.
    Love your uncle Sam.

  6. Oh Saundra! When things start to roll they really roll! I always have a hard time focusing but I love your determination to buy more wool! That keeps us focused more than anything! LOL! The Uncle Sam is great!
    It's much less humid here in WI today..... actually turned off the AC til this evening when the house started to heat up again! I will try and send some of the cooler air your way!
    Cathy G

  7. I wish my yarn would sell like those fab dolls of yours! I'm just spending double the amount on wool...roving and fabric! LOL
    Stay cool!

  8. my e-mail is you may know my brother,everybody does. his name is Bart Hastings.he owns hastings marine Construction. what is the name of the show maybe my mom and sister can go. denise

  9. Wow! You did get busy quickly!
    really like your "Uncle Sam"! Good for you getting more orders!

  10. Uncle Sam looks so good!Great Job Saundra.Your perfect!


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