Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two Chicks & e-bay issues

I have steamed my swap mat as well as the lion rug and had the shakes from hooking withdrawal had already begun.  Yes, I've got the spiral chair pad that I can work on but normally like to have something like that on the sidelines with another project going on because a hit and miss is sorta boring when it is the whole rug.  So, I'm hooking up another of Polly Minick's Two Chickens rug patterns.  Here is the one I previously hooked using two different black and white textures for the chickens and the wings.
And this is only as far as I've gotten on this project ~ the chicken wing is a black with a wide tan windowpane and the chicken is a tan/gold and black check.
The pattern should be easy and quick, as the last one was, with the dimensions only being 15" x 25".  And so I do need something quick because my lion still needs to be bound and I'll be choosing something else quick and easy to hook before Cape May rug camp in September so I'll have something bigger.  I sorta think I know what I'll hook but the jury is still out as I've been known to change my mind on what project to work on the night before I leave for camp.

Here's the latest addition at 1:52 on Sunday....I'm quite ticked off at e-bay ~ I went to e-bay and thought I'd do a search for rug hooking to see what might interest me to buy (like I need to buy anything else to put in my wool room) and noticed that only two of my 10 listed items are showing up in that category.  I still have 1 day and a few hours for most (at this time) and 3 days for my purse.  

I called e-bay and they said that there are so many sellers in that category that mine went to the bottom.  HUH?   They all must have shown up at one time because I have had some viewers and watchers on the listings.  So I gave them a piece of my mind telling them that even a free listing isn't free if it doesn't show up and not worth my time when they are removed from e-bay viewing audience.  Etsy is very reasonable and think a lot more people are selling there ~ and I would consider etsy as a better option in the future.

So IF anyone was looking at any of the patterns I had listed, so if you wish to see what I have listed click HERE  and probably see them before they expire, but unless someone in technical support does something before the time runs out you won't see them when you search under rug hooking.  

Thanks for visiting and putting up with my ranting.



  1. Saundra,
    I couldn't get the link to work. How else can I find your items?
    Email me, please


  2. Sorry Ebay is being a pain!
    Your chicken rug is the colors. I can't wait to see the new one take shape.

  3. Saundra ~
    Trying to play catch-up here. You have been a blogging fool! Your little fall mat is just too precious.
    I hope eBay has resolved your issues.
    May your bids be plentiful and high.
    Hugs :)


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