Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lion Rug Questions Answered

I've had many comments and questions on the trees in the rug so thought I'd post a picture of the completely hooked piece out in natural light on my back deck.  It has not yet been steamed nor bound which will make it even more wonderful after those tasks have been completed. Here is my near finished project all hooked.
And with the questions of 'what wool did I use' to hook the trees..... well for the trees these are the wools  used.  The tree far right I used a wool from Betsy called "Turkey Feathers" which I have used in numerous tree trunks before and hope to  never ever be without.  And it was also used in the nose mouth shape of the lion.  The wool to the far left was used in the tree to the far left of the rug.  I cannot remember where I purchased that wool but it is very loosely woven.  And, the middle wool was used for the inner tree to the right.  I cannot put my fingers on the other wool for the smaller tree to the left,  but it would have a similar color yet a completely different wool.
For the border I used the top texture in the picture below and cannot remember the name but it was purchased from one our two favorite wool vendors.  That swirly inside border was hooked with Smokey Joey (shown here) from Betsy.  The background was hooked using (Left to right) reclaimed wool blazer, purchased wool in the middle and reclaimed wool blazer is on the right.  The wool to the far right is the piece which shows up in blocks as when a woman would have used what she had.  I also hooked my SP initials in that wool to the right.  In regular light it does not show up but in natural light or in flash it would.
Now that this guy is finally hooked I'll need to check for 'vacations' and fill-ins.  It needs to be steamed and bound and I'm totally busy the next few days  ~ weeks? to complete this rug.  

I'll be busy getting ready for my show for Saturday so just might be absent for a few days untl this oldster recovers from the before and aftermath of shows.  Until then, have fun perusing my blog and web site.


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  1. Gosh do I love that lion rug! He is so wonderfully folky! Your plaids are's always fun to see how they hook up and they are so versatile.
    Have a great time at your show,


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