Monday, July 9, 2012

WITHDRAWAL from Hooking and Betsy Wool

Maybe I didn't have the tremors but was surely going thru withdrawal since I haven't pulled a loop since last Friday.  The reason is because of an order for an Uncle Sam posted on my web site and forgot I sold so didn't remove the picture nor did I state it was "sold".  So I've hustled around, cut out two bodies, tea dyed and stuffed them.  So they are coming along just fine and will have maybe both done before Saturday.  

So today for almost one hour I sat and hooked to my heart's content to calm the withdrawal from hooking.  I didn't achieve enough to show much progress today, but maybe tomorrow I will.

However, ta da........ I received my Betsy wool and they are beauts!  Frankly there were more wools that I wanted to purchase but for sure I'd be sent to debtor's prison.  Maybe next time I'll do one of their "Pick your own Bundles"  AGAIN, where you can get some of several pieces of wool in case you want to try it.  It was great fun before but just be sure that if you stumble upon a wool you like and only have half yard of it that you order more immediately before they run out.

Okay, here is what I purchased from Betsy.  This picture is taken with a flash and hasn't yet been washed as I sat on my butt hooking for almost an hour and then the UPS truck arrived.  
This is a picture of the wool without a flash and a little blurry (sorry)  and it is probably more real to the color as it is in person.    So, from top to bottom this is what I ordered:  Georgia Peach, Swamp Root, Little Joe and Montana.
Most of my backgrounds are dark so I love having a mixture to blend, that is why I ordered 2 yards of Montana, which is on the bottom ~ that can be easily mixed with other darks I have in my stash or mixed with Swap Root for a delightful background or border. 

 And for Georgia Peach I've got great plans for pumpkins and primitive flower parts.... oh my but I must get back to hooking.  Cannot wait until my show is over this Saturday so I can settle down with my hooking habit and comfort zone.

Thanks for visiting.  And, am so very glad that Norma and Linda have their rugs back.  The person did not know the networking of hookers.

Keep cool.  Saundra


  1. Truly nothing better than a wool fix! I haven't had one in quite some time, as I've been working through my stash.....oh, but when the day gets here, it's going to be a doozy!

  2. yummmm great colors! I wish I felt withdrawals from hooking I don't feel the mojo I do in the winter.
    can't wait to see all your wonderful pumpkins.

  3. Saundra ~
    Yummy wools. I didn't order any since I need to have some $$ to take to Betsy's camp next week.
    I'm sure your Sams will be wonderful and hopefully the second one will sell, too. More wool $$!!
    Hugs :)

  4. pretty!

    so glad they have them back!


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