Friday, July 20, 2012

Sensational Seasonal Swap

Last year on Rughookers group dear JoAnne Harris offered to host a seasonal swap for anyone who wished to participate.  Now this is no easy task to undertake because she would gather the names and match people up differently for each four seasons so that we had 4 different friends' mats at the end of the year.

JoAnne would also come up with creative ideas on sizes and themes for yet other swaps.  She is the one who suggested the Sincerely Jane challenge and has followed thru with that so we will be published in a future Rug Hooking Magazine article.  And, a couple years ago she hosted and started an "Ugly Wool" swap so she put in several pieces of different wool (textures, over dyed, etc.) and a trinket and she sent it on to the next person ~ so around the states and Canada it went with accolades and excitement shared on the group as each person received and replaced what they took out with something in return.  Now, what I consider ugly might be the heartbeat to another hooker ~ besides there really isn't any ugly wool.  So you can see that she is a creative and generous soul for a woman who works full-time and is continuing her education....anyway.....

I have finally pulled the last loops on my Fall Swap Mat and don't know who my partner is yet so am hoping she (or he) will never see this post and know before hand what they are getting.  No, I haven't steamed it yet... maybe tomorrow.  But it is still show able here.  I prefer wide cut and primitive styles however I have done one narrow cut pieces of my departed Rottweilers which I am proud of.  So fun for me is hooking nothing smaller than #8, which is what this mat is hooked with.  This is a design by Lori Brechlin of NotForgotten Farm.
And, these are the other swap mats that I hooked for other seasons.  We started with the winter swap first and this was my contribution.
Next was spring and I chose to hook a robin ~~ "the early bird catches the worm".
Then summer for me was what I remembered living near the Atlantic Ocean and near the beaches of Rehoboth, Lewes, Bethany Beach, Bowers Beach of DE, Ocean City, MD all within less than an hour's drive.  So summer for me was a beach scene.
If any of you wish to participate in this easy 8" square seasonal swap, join the group as JoAnne has graciously offered to extend it for those folks who joined later and wish to get the additional seasons.  You can read all about it on the group archive postings.

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  1. gotta love those Delaware Beaches! your mats are beautiful! wish i knew how to hook, denise


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