Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OH SO CLOSE ! ! ! !

It is really close to being completed now.... I mean just loops away.  The only part left to hook is the left side bottom part of the border.  However, I still want to change out the gold in the upper left corner, pull out the red in the mane of the male lion and the red tail of the lioness.  After that the design will be done to my liking.

Then my plans are to bind the lion rug first (also have the Wee Folk to bind) and will give you a tutorial thru the process with the new wide cotton rug binding tape (there was a request for that).  I'm really excited to use it after seeing it on one of Polly Minick's rugs.  Also the width seems to stabilize the perimeter of the rug. 

Here is the rug now.  And, once I get it completed the pattern will be offered on my web site.  But before I post a picture on my web side I'd really like to have a picture of the completed rug.
And exciting news, another hooker blogger and I have collaborated in swapping patterns; there is a design I have she wanted to hook and asked me if she had one that I'd be interested in.  UH, YEAH!!!!!!!  It was hookers delight made in heaven.  Nope, not gonna tell you right now you will just have to wait and watch.  Besides, we've not sent each other the designs yet.  But just keep this tid bit of info in your cranium and keep checking back to see what's happen'n on the hooker's hoops.  

Okay, I admit that I don't use a hoop but did when I first started.  But the wording just rolled off my tongue and had rhythm.  However, Polly Minick does use a hoop.  She uses one of the big hoops with a screw which will enlarge for hooked rugs.  While she has purchased and tried other frames that is her preferred method of hooking.  So, for you newbie hookers, perhaps your first investment should be not the thin embroidery hoop but a nice thick at least 12" hoop with a screw which expands the size to accommodate rug hooking projects.  That will carry you thru until you decide if you like rug hooking or not to invest in the wonderful tools available to make rug hooking much more enjoyable.

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  1. Hi, Saundra,
    I really LOVE your lion rug, everything about it is perfect! Will it be available as a pattern?


  2. Hi there! Good looking rug! Anxious to know who you trade designs with ~ smart idea!!!

  3. Saundra ~
    My you've made amazing progress on you rug. It is truly wonderful.
    You've gotten us all curious about your swap. What a tease you are.
    Hugs :)

  4. And yes, I'll be offering this design as a pattern. Thanks for the inquiry.



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