Tuesday, January 22, 2013

True Friends

I have been fortunate to sell numerous Domestic Zoo patterns but one of the sales was a wee bit different than all the others.  A lovely woman named Carol ordered and paid for the pattern and asked that I ship it to her friend Susan who lived in another state.  It was her friend who was going to hook it for her.  Now folks, this isn't any small trivet, chair pad or table mat.... we are talking about a big honking runner here.  Now that is what I call a true friend.

And of all the Domestic Zoo patterns I've sold and hoped to get a picture of, this was the first I've received so it is also very special for me too. Eventually will post this picture on my web site so potential buyers can see another hooked version.
It is quite lovely with a dark background.  And dark backgrounds are my favorite but have also hooked light and medium backgrounds for variety or if the pattern called for it.  Since I was trying to stay fairly close to the original antique that is why mine was hooked with a light background.

Susan, you did a fantastic job hooking this rug and Carol you are one lucky woman to be the recipient.  And, Susan, since word is out that you hooked the rug for someone you'll find yourself with lots of new friends.

Thanks for dropping by.



  1. That is a beauty! Someday Kellie, someday!

  2. This is one weird rug. No, maybe I should say, one odd rug. One strange rug. One unique rug. That being said.......OMGeeeeeeee I love it to pieces. I absolutely love rugs that don't have that look of perfection.

    Taking a nod from my dog, Charley, I could just jump on this rug, roll over to my back, throw my feet in the air, and savour the moment.
    I LOVE IT!
    Quite a visual, huh? :-)

    What a beautiful friend..............

  3. Now that is an awesome friend!Love the rug!Hugs,Jen

  4. It is pretty for sure and what a friend.

  5. I love that rug, it sounds like two kindred friends for sure! hugs to Ben!


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