Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blogger an AH HA Moment

Now the picture is becoming more clear.  I can recall other people with Google Blogger who had to pay extra for pictures.  So now it is clear where this is going.  Guess it is time to see what other options there are out there.
The above is a picture I hooked of my departed Rottweilers Shumba and Panzer.  The SS is because I was married at the time and after the divorce changed my name back to Porter.  The dogs were hooked in #4 and the background in #6.  In the nape of the neck of each dog is some of their own individual hair which was spun on a thin wool thread by my dear departed friend Lesley Covney.



  1. Saundra, I had the same message about having to pay for my photos since I was at my limit. I think you may be able to get around this as I have.
    1. Download your photos to your computer
    2. Open a tab at
    3. Choose "edit a photo" on picmonkey - it's free - and resize your photo smaller. I usually use a 500 or 600 number where it asks you to resize.

    This might not make sense until you actually go to picmonkey and do it. Email me if you get stuck and I'll help you more. ~Ann


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