Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rub a Dub Dub....

....Wee Folk near a tub.  Okay, I wasn't quite ready to 'cry uncle' this morning so decided to use up the length of wool yarn to be sure of making the right decision.  There were varying comments on the yarn or wool strips issue and from hookers or quilters whom I respect opinions from.  That is why I decided to give it one more try and post a picture on where the rug will reside once completed.  I figured it would help me make a better judgement call as well.

The master bath has navy blue porcelain and it will be in front of the garden you can see where it will live.  
And one more picture closer.
Since the tub is shiny that brighter and darker wool yarn whipping will appear to be more of a 'frame' me thinks.  And maybe I can live with that just fine, besides, that sheen on the yarn will brighten up the otherwise dull blue hooking.  And really, who else is going to see it except me and my boy Ben?  And Ben isn't a connoisseur of hooked rugs, all he knows is that he likes to lay on them.

I truly appreciate every comment from everyone whether invited or given randomly.  Your opinions give me food for thought so keep'm coming.

Thanks so much for putting up with my mundane chit chat.



  1. well it is a great spot, Ben won't care, but me oh my, I still think you will even of no one else does. this from someone who can nit pick over the least important details in life. crossing my fingers in fun just to see what you really do! grins & hugs!

  2. Saundra the rug will look lovely there.You really need to be happy with whichever binding you use or else you will feel bad about the rug.Can't wait to see which way you go with it.I admire you so much for the wonderful rugs you hook.Hugs,Jen

  3. Hi Saundra , I think it goes well with the black tile.It looks great there! Hugs Cheri

  4. Saundra,
    Adore your rug and like where it will reside. That bathroom looks like a magazine with the navy garden tub. I can imagine soaking all the aches of yard work away in it, but if I got down in there, I would never get out with the EMTs. Yes, I am now in the group where I need a chair in my tub and dream of having enough money saved to have a walk-in tub some day.
    You do such good work!


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