Monday, January 14, 2013

About Ready To Bind

I've been teeter tottering on the fence about how to bind Wee Folk by Vermont Folk Art.  My thoughts were either wool covered cord or binding with wool strips. Frankly, I find it faster to do the wool covered  cord because when I bind with wool strips or yarn it is like whipping twice.  I roll the backing forward and whip with thread first and then go back over it with wool or strips.  I've tried in the past to roll forward and whip in one process but I really don't care for the results because my backing starts getting slanted and then when I try to ease it back straight, there seems to be mild hills and valleys.  So with the whipping the roll first with thread the whipping with yarn goes easier.

This morning I measured out how much cording I'd need for this BIG rug (24 x 47) when all of a sudden I noticed some blue wool yarn in my stash.  Realizing that doing another rug with a blue border was unlikely decided to use up the wool on this project.  So now my decision has been made for me and the color is right.
And I'm dragging my feet about starting because I really would rather be hooking and have this new project started.  But, since my rug swap partner hasn't started hers yet (she's travelling) should take advantage of this time to bind the rug and finally put it to rest.

Well, Ben doesn't want to go walking in the rain so perhaps I'll trim the excess backing now and start the undesirable task of binding yet another rug.

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  1. LOL! Decisions,decisions,the rug is beautiful and I can't wait to see it all finished.I don't blame Ben,I would not want to go walking in the rain either.Hugs,Jen


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