Thursday, January 31, 2013

Big Dog now and Thinking Spring

Last  night and today I was able to pull a few loops and add a little more background color around the stars to see which color(s) look best for the stars and moon.  There are four different wools elected for the stars and moon; closest to the dog's head is the same as the dog's collar.  The moon texture has a little off white as well as a yellow which makes it appear even lighter.  The unfinished star at the top has other colors in it like pale blue, soft mild red and appears darker than the star below it.  
And so I'm still undecided.  Sometimes I think that the stars should be the bottom right darker gold and the moon be wool of the unfinished star above.  Then I keep looking at the hooking and think that maybe I like the stars hooked in the wool closest to the dog's head and the moon hooked with the bottom right wool.  

Since I'm still undecided have chosen to place the rug on my love seat to view at a distance for a while and perhaps a light bulb will go off and the vision clear as to what to do. And input from you is always welcome too.

As I do like to work on one more piece at a time think I'll draw out a Spring design and start hooking it.  I've had an idea and it would be a smallish mat, not a rug, and kind of whimsical.  Think I'll draw out the pattern and show it to you tomorrow.  Not sure how much hooking on it I'll get done because wool would have to be gathered.  

Just might be that I'll hook a little more on Big Dog and transition to the new spring design tomorrow after wool has been gathered.  Besides, I need to clean up that nest I seem to have made around me on the sofa so may as well pull a few more loops on Big Dog first.

Have a good evening and hope all this crazy weather is behind us all.



  1. Afternoon Saundra,I am liking the colors of the stars.Spring sounds wonderful even if it is only a project.Hope that you have a good evening.Hugs,Jen

  2. Saundra ~
    WOW! You do over-think your color planning but that's probably why your rugs always come out just perfect :) (Can you tell I am just a wee bit jealous?)
    Crazy weather in Ohio, too. Cold and very windy today. Ugh! Spring can't get here fast enough.
    Hugs :)


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