Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Secret Swap

Okay, now I'm going to reveal the secret swap partner and pattern I've been teasing about.  But first, the story ~ there are a few hooking bloggers that I consider friends even tho we have not met yet we communicate via e-mail fairly often.  

One day an e-mail came in from Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art and she said she would love to hook my Frost Sheep w/Birds and Flowers and did she have a design I'd be willing to receive in exchange.  Are you kidding???   I knew there were several I'd like but wanted to select my most favorite , so I chose Big Dog Hollow.

Since Kathy was travelling and knew she wouldn't be home until after this weekend (she arrived earlier), was keeping it under wraps so we could each blog about our respective achievements.  So I wrote to Kathy confessing that I'd started hooking Big Dog but haven't blogged about it until she could start the Frost rug.  Today I received an email from her saying she would be quite busy and probably not get to it for a while and it would be just fine for me to break the silence of the secret swap.  So some time later she will share her progress on the Frost sheep design on her blog and I'm looking forward to see her work in progress.  But in the meantime I can share my achievements on Big Dog and feel SO FREE of the self-induced restraints.

This is what I have accomplished thus far but just might change out the color of the collar and star but not just yet until I see how it will go with the sky color and have more hooked it.  Oh but it was great to  use wool from my wiggly worms and hook in the dog.  If you look to the left of the picture you can see my boy Ben's paw-paws in the picture and I didn't dare crop them out.
When I start a new project I have all my colors individually bagged and slowly the mess starts to appear.  It isn't all of a sudden so if I took time could control the  mess.  But hey, it is much more fun to hook than clean up, even wool strips.  You can see the wool on the sofa arm, there's also wool on the end table to the left of that and loose wool strips hidden behind the hooking frame.  Please tell me I'm normal.
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  1. Saundra ~
    Thanks for the big reveal! Kathy and I were actually in the same class at the ATHA biennial but did not know that until after the fact :(
    I already like what you are doing!!! I know it will be another great rug ~ and another sizable one.
    Keep on hookin', girlfriend.
    Hugs :)

  2. Saundra,
    Lovin' your Big Brown Dog.... and it looks like you must've tidied up before the photo or else you are one neat hooker! LOL!! When I hook it looks like a wool bomb went off in my studio!!
    Will be fun to watch your progress!!
    Cathy G

  3. Hi Saundra, he looks great. I am a messy hooker but I like your idea. Hugs Cheri

  4. What a wonderful rug! A mess while you are hooking? yours looks nothing like mine it always looks like there was a wool explosion where I hook, the chair, the footstool,the table and the floor. Oh how I wish I could hook as much and as fast as you let alone how amazing your hooking and color planning are.
    love love love that pattern.

  5. Ok...first off...I love what you've completed so far !!
    Second, it's so wonderful to have a big furry companion while you hook isn't it ?? I love it !!!
    Third, ...are you normal ? I would say it's not normal to NOT have some unruly worms wiggle their way around the room whilst hooking away on a project ...LOL

  6. Normal. That's my vote. That makes me normal too right????????

  7. Loving what you have done so far,so glad to see the reveal.Yes I would say that you are normal.LOL! Isn't it a lovely mess and the best kind to have too.Hugs,Jen

  8. Definitely normal........maybe a little on the tidy side!!

  9. What a great trade! I love both those rugs and love what you've done so far!! A great brown dog!!!

  10. Secret Swaps are so much fun !
    When I hook, it looks like I am sitting on a "nest" with everything around me. Very fun. ;)

  11. Ok Saundra, You're normal!!! What a fun thing to do with a friend. Would love to do something like that. The rug looks awesome. It will be spectacular, I'm sure. Keep showing us your progress. And having big Ben right there with you makes is all so much better.



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