Friday, March 1, 2013

Planning For May

But first, welcome to the first Day of March.
I made a primitive quilt applique' for each month of the year to place on my sofa table when this house was being built.  And it was 1997 when we finished on the home and moved in.  Originally I'd planned to properly finish each of the quilt pieces but only properly finished just one; but they still look cute on the table anyway.

Even tho I'm still hooking away on Big Dog Hollow I'm thinking ahead to my next rug and a camp in May, which will be with the magnificent Barb Carroll at Woolley Fox in Ligonier, PA.  I've already decided on the antique adaptation I want to hook so thought I'd do a little dying today to prepare.  The recipe came from this little book by Karen Kahle.
Since I had a small amount of already mixed Tawny dye in a jar and had a color in mind, decided to use up some of that solution.  Of the liquid I used only 6 TBS. of the dye and still have more left.

This is the wool I started with.
This is what the wool looked like with a flash.
And another shot without a flash but it is a little blurry.
The actual color in person isn't quite as light pink as the top picture nor orange as it indicates in the bottom picture.  Yet it is exactly what I need for the rug I plan to hook.  Sometimes I end up with exactly what I was hoping and sometimes not and into the stash it goes.  But this will go with me to Barbs for sure.  And, nope, not gonna share what rug design I'm going to hook just yet and bore you before it is even started.  So that will be something to share later.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



  1. I'm sure I will LOVE whatever antique adaptation you have decided to hook!!!
    Happy what's left of Friday :)

  2. I love your robin!
    love the colors too, what a difference a flash makes to shades, hoping to see your pattern when you do the reveal, have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Saundra, Which recipe is it? I love that color.I have the little book. Cheri


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