Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back to Big Dog Hollow

It has been a couple days since posting a picture of the in-progress rug Big Dog Hollow and was ready to move it on the frame so thought I'd take a picture.
When I first started hooking the pattern I referred to both the original antique as well as Kathy's version to hopefully get somewhere in between with color because both rugs were attractive. Constantly I'd question myself wondering if the sky looked like sky, but was there enough random strips there to make it look antique, do I have too much light value wool, enough blue wool? 

And then I began separating out my woolie worms (a previous message a few posts ago) and it was like the heavens opening up.  Then I stopped looking at the pictures, and pulled bits of this and that out of my worms and the pressure was off and the fun became even 'funner'.  Yeah, not a word but I like it. 

Yes, I'm thankfully reducing my woolie worm population, yet still do cut a few strips of wool which was originally used to begin the background, just for consistency sake. 

As you can see the border is going to be a dark hit and miss border using......yup, a LOT of woolie worms.  While my organization of the worm population came to a halt because of drawing patterns, it will continue later until everything has been reduced to color.  Depending on how much of each color will deside on if I reduce it to value.

This project has been very liberating because of the use of the worms.  Big Dog Hollow was always on my 'to-do' list and welcomed the opportunity for the swap, but using up my worms just made this a funner than fun project.  Thank you Kathy!

Thank you again, for taking the time to visit my blog.  Smile at someone tomorrow to start the chain of kindness.



  1. I love your process of hooking this rug Saundra. If I was doing it, I would probably hook all the main motifs first, and have lots of background to finish at the end. This way YOU are enjoying every part of it, bit by bit! Lookin' good!

  2. Saundra, I enjoy seeing the progress you are making. Your rug is coming together so nicely. I really like your color choices.

  3. ACK!!! Funner??? I know you know better and are saying it tongue in cheek, but I work with people who think that is a real word!!!
    Lovin' Big Dog.
    Hugs :)

  4. Wow....I see alot of progress there !! It's beautiful and I can imagine the thrill you get, every time you pull a worm from the pile...Just knowing they ARE getting used and won't clutter up your get that way with some of my wool scraps from wool applique projects...I don't have enough wooly ' worms" yet to get frustrated with...

  5. I LOVE it! It makes me want to hook it again! Love the border! Kathy

  6. Looking really good. I love how subtle the background is. And you are using up worms!!!!

  7. Hi, Saundra,
    I just have to tell you that having seen many versions of this antique rug, I like your colors the best! It is wonderful.


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