Friday, April 5, 2013

Another Version of Red Bird

After the hooking introduction of Red Bird on  my blog, Karen wrote to say she wanted to purchase the pattern and follow along.  Talk about a fast hooker, I dare say that she will finish hers before I do.

Clearly Karen's choice of background brown was a better mine.  I also like the berry color differences in her rug.  Here is Karen's accomplishments and said she'd have another picture for me to share with you next week.  Uh, wonder if she will have it done by then?
This is what I've hooked so far.  Believe it or not there really is a slight difference in the wool used for my berries but I like Karen's variances.  But nope, not pulling out what I already hooked.  However, I just may pick additional wool for the other berries.
And this is what the original antique rug looks like for those of you just beginning to read the blog.  Karen nailed those other berry colors.
It is supposed to be a great weekend and the yard is in need to work so perhaps that is where my energy will be focused.  Also the curtains, windows, sills, just everything is yelling at me for help. sigh.........

Have a great weekend how ever you choose to spend it.  Thanks for visiting.



  1. I love how they both look. I really love this pattern

  2. It is hard to chose!they are both amazing.

  3. both very lovely!
    hope you have a great weekend, don't work too hard!

  4. Saundra it is looking beautiful. Every Rug you do gets better and better.Cheri


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