Sunday, April 7, 2013

Skeleton's in My Closet

I think everyone has them and thought that I only had one but found two.  I'm talking first about UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) but the other was a gaggle of more woollie worms.  And just when I thought my woollie worm explosion had been reduced to color.

My readers already know what main rug I'm working on along with Karen (Red Bird), but thought I'd retrieve the last of my UFOs and work on that an hour or so now and then.  You notice how non-committal I am about JUST how much time I'll spend on it.  Last time it was pulled out think I hooked just one strip of wool and put it back.  Here is the last of the UFOs (at this time in my life).
This is a very old geometric style rug design and originally thought it would be a fantastic way to use up my worms.  It is a geometric that could be hooked to look like the grandma's afghan in the process.   I'm not sure why I lose interest; maybe I'm just not fond of hooking geometrics.  Just love them when looking at geometrics at rug shows but personally find them boring to hook.  That one exception was the Sincerely Jane Challenge rug.  Now THAT was FUN.  But then each square was different; you can see mine below.  

For those of you just tuning in, the story about how the challenge came about from an antique quilt done by Jane Stickle from the 1800s is in Rug Hooking Magazine, the Nov/Dec 2012 issue.  There are also pictures of the rugs each of us hooked displayed in the magazine.
And now for that other skeleton...... that one would be this huge tote full of woolie worms which was what I saw under the UFO.    OY!!!!
Guilt has me wanting to finish the UFO rug AND reduce this rat's nest of worms in the process.  Have a wonderful Sunday evening and hope the next week is perfect for you in every way.



  1. Hey lady !! That Geometrical rug is going to wonderful...when and if it gets finished !!!
    Oh, and I would gladly take some of those wooly worms off your hands..well, I shouldn't say that...I am getting quite the stash of my own lately !!I'm itching to do a hit n miss rug sometime !!
    Have a great day...what's left of was beautiful warm and sunny here today...I hooked till my hands and shoulders hurt...back at it in a bit.....

  2. Saundra ~
    Those worms multiply worse than rabbits. The other night Katie separated my worms and hopefully I will use those and another basket full of them on my Magdalena runner.
    Hugs :)

  3. Saundra - Your geometric is so fun to look at! The drawn shapes have sharp corners but I love how you've turned some of them into curvy shapes while hooking them! HOpe you can stick with it - I'd love to see this one done! Good luck taming those worms - they're notorious for running amok! LOL

  4. I adore your geometric rug ! Love those wavy lines.

  5. Saundra, I remember when you first started hooking this.
    I love it!!! Boy, with all the worms I have I could make a very long runner!!! HA!
    Keep going!!


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