Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Red Bird of Pennsylvania

After taking a break from Red Bird to pay homage to my long suffering geometric (which posted yesterday) thought I'd show an updated picture of the progress on Red Bird. 
There are still issues I have with it ~ It needs a tea or walnut calming of the cream and will have to compare it to the original antique but think I've too much dark background in the upper left between the berries. 

Today I spent part of my day with this glorious weather, waiting INSIDE a building for a repair on my van.  It needs to be in ship shape before I go to Woolley Fox next month. 

Since my patience level is at ZERO thought it best to take something to keep me occupied during the wait.  All my rugs have been bound so had none to work on..... both the Red Bird and geometric with all the wool and frame would be too much to haul.  SO.... I started a needle punch project.  Eventually I'll share it with you but think it will be one of those projects easy to carry to doctor appointments when you sit for an hour past your appointment time.

It has been such a long time since doing needle punch that I had to read the instructions on how to thread the dang needle.  But it kept me entertained and the time flew by.  And so did my money when I saw the cost of repair for sway bar links and bushings.

Have a good evening.


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  1. Saundra ~
    You are simply amazing! You will be done with Red Bird soon. What's next on the frame?
    Punch needle is very portable! I look forward to seeing what you are working on.
    Car repairs are the pits! I've had a couple recently plus tires and still have one somewhat big repair to go but it's better than a car payment!
    Pug hugs :)


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