Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Red Bird after Walnut Dye Applications

After doing another application of walnut dye solution here is the result of my attempt at making the rug appear like an antique.  Not that I will say it is an antique, but to try to replicate the loved and worn appearance of an antique. 
For comparison, here is a picture of the original.  And yes, the original is so warm and mellow; that is what endeared me to rug hooking in the first place.   
At the moment I'm still tugging along on the hit and miss spiral chair pad and admit I get less accomplished on it than on the Red Bird in the same time.  Frankly I'm not sure if it would make any difference in appearance if I were to just stick my  hand in the tote full of worms and pull randomly or do the search and make woolie worm knots.  Random might even end up looking better than my selection.

Sure hope the spiral is done in 18 days because that is when I leave for Woolley Fox camp.  I'd like this done to take a new small project to work on first night in the cottage and next day while waiting my turn with Barb.

Have a wonderful evening.  Mine will be great because I'm getting ready to start a pot of hearty vegetable soup.  Yummmm.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    I can see how the walnut dye has toned down the colors,
    Very warm and mellow.
    You could always bind while waiting your turn.
    What project will you be hooking with Barb?
    xo Louise

  2. Well done!
    I don't think the spiral will take you 8 days let alone 18!
    Hugs :)

  3. it looks very good!
    I didn't think the spiral would slow you, you accomplish quite a lot!
    hope the upcoming camp goes great for you!

  4. This is a wonderful design and you are totally successful in achieving a warm, old look!!

  5. What a beauty!!!!! I always love to see what you create!!!!! This rug is a stunner!


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