Saturday, April 20, 2013

Deux Red Bird Updates

Currently I'm flipping between the spiral hit and miss chair pad (with the emphasis on currently) and the delightful antique adaptation which I've named Red Bird of Pennsylvania.  I named it that because the auction house gave credit to PA so it was either hooked or discovered there and was hooked in the early 20th century.  This is what I've accomplished so far.  The photo was taken outside in the shade without a flash so it has natural light and oh my but you can see the color in the dark background.  All the blue, red and brown hues.
Taking pictures of rugs and dolls that I make is very frustrating.  If you take pictures inside with a flash it sometimes washes out the color or renders them bright.  Taken outside in the sun does the same thing.  If you're lucky to get a picture outside in the shade without a flash it is usually great.....usually.

Today I received an update from Karen, one of the people who purchased the pattern from me.  But since the other patterns were sold most recently, only Karen has had the time to hook and share her progress.  I think Karen has done a lot of hooking in such a short time and great color choices.  She also chose to try and replicate the original antique using 'what she has' (as I am doing).  I sure do like her colors for the berries better than mine tho.
However folks, just because Karen and I have chosen to try and replicate the original antique doesn't mean you can't use colorful yarn or wool, silk, cotton, etc.  If the design strikes you and have a different vision I'd love to post your rendition on my blog. 

Thanks for dropping by for a visit and please be kind to one another.  A smile and kindness goes a long, long way and is contagious.



  1. they both look so great!If I didn't have so many patters that need hooking I would give it a try.

  2. Beautiful work.
    I love how the creamy light border outlines it all.


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