Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Red Bird is Back

Finally pulled the Red Bird off the Snapdragon to take a picture but part of me wanted to hook a little more until the whole bottom right section was finished.  As I've not posted anything since Saturday thought an update was long overdue. 
Frankly I need to be outside pulling weeds; however, the pollen is so bad that my throat is sore from sneezing, my eyes water and I'm miserable.  Normally I don't have this bad a reaction so guess the news folks are right in that it is the worst pollen season ever.

The temperature here in lower, slower Delaware at 4 p.m. is 82 degrees, ah lovely.  What is even nicer is that for the last several days there has been no need for the heat to kick in nor is the A/C needed........ yet.  But I have a feeling that we will go through a quick spring and straight into summer.

Hope you are enjoying spring temperatures but hope you don't suffer with allergies due to the pollen.

Thanks for dropping by.



  1. You are simply amazing, hooker friend! You will be done in no time.
    Pretty chilly again today on Ohio's north coast. No yard work for me :(
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Hi Saundra,
    You sure have made lots of progress on your rug, and the colors are so pretty. Yes, soon we will have to get down and dirty in our gardens.
    xo Louise

  3. no fun, allergies, I know too. hope we all get some more great weather, no need to think of summer yet, I hope!

  4. Hi Saundra, I never had allergies and now that I am older I do. Yuk I get a headache for days.I feel for you. You are a master hooker you just keep producing wonderful rugs every time you put a hook in your hand!Hugs Cheri


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