Sunday, April 28, 2013

Red Bird rug with Color

One of the Red Bird of Pennsylvania patterns was purchased from Margaret.  Before drawing it out asked her if she wanted me to do dashes where the original antique had different background color and she said yes.  But once she started hooking decided she didn't want blocks of different color after all.  She also said she wanted her version to be more colorful particularly with the anticipation of spring after this winter.

Margaret is one fast hooking machine and she will probably have hers done before mine gets bound.  I did steam mine this morning so it is resting right now.  Then it will get toned down and rest some more before it eventually getting bound.

Here is the way Margaret's vision looks right now.  She said it isn't really as bright as it appears in the photo and plans to send another when she gets  more done of the border.  She also said the background is cashmere and camel hair color wool from her stash.
It is always great fun to see other people's vision of the same design.

Have a great rest of the weekend.



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