Friday, April 19, 2013

Spiral Chair Pad Update

Did a little reverse hooking by removing the brown/gold along the edge and re hooked it with darks.  And also managed to pull a few extra loops.  Now that has been accomplished will sit it aside and work more on the Red Bird.
And in looking at the picture I had an 'ah ha' moment.  Maybe, just maybe I did have a reason to hook the edge in the brown/gold.  However, it is now gone and will once again have to be reverse hooked back to the old way.  You see how the dark spiral blends into the dark edge?  What the heck am I going to do/hook in that narrowing down part?

Now look at this picture that I'd saved many months ago.  Sorry I can't remember from which blog I saved it from so please let me know and I'll give you credit.
So, that was the reason for the more neutral tones I previously hooked..... duh.  See how clean and nice that one above looks?  Well now I'm frustrated but rather than set it aside for months or years guess it best that I pull out the dark loops and re hook the dang thing in the brown/gold again.  Guess I should have done my research thru old pictures before pulling out all those loops to begin with.  sigh.  Would you believe I've been hooking for all these years and managed to do yet another stupid and silly mistake?

Thanks for dropping by and be kind to one another.



  1. Stop beating yourself up :) I'm sure you will fix it up just perfectly.
    Hugs :)

  2. I agree with Lauren, you are being too hard on yourself, I am amazed by what you make, and the way you rework things to get the look you want. The photo you show has no outside edge on the spiral at all. I like the different color combinations of the all. Have a great weekend with Ben!

  3. you'll eventually get iy i'm sure. denise

  4. you'll eventually get iy i'm sure. denise

  5. Saundra, it's looking great!!!


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