Friday, May 16, 2014

My Bags are Packed and Ready to Go

Anyone my age would remember John Denver's song which was recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary ~ " bags are packed and I'm ready to go....".  But I won't be Leaving on a Jet Plane.  I'll be going to Ligonier, PA for a class with the wonderful Barb Carroll at Woolley Fox.

I was lucky enough to purchase Magdalena's Farm from Barb when it was half price so that is what I'll be hooking in her class.  Here are two photos which I pulled from Barb's web site so you can see how two different people hooked the same design.  The top one was hooked by Elaine Cathcart and the one below was hooked by Kathy Wadlington.  I just love that frolicking rabbit-eared looking Deer.
 I'm undecided on whether I will do a dark background or a lighter background but I'm going prepared for both ways.
The plastic containers hold the wool I'm taking to Barbs for my rug; one has colors in it, another lights, and the other darks.  Yup, a lota wool.
This is what is stashed inside the yellow collapsible tote.... small samples of wool for Barb to select from which also happen to have larger pieces in the tote.  So really, I could keep the totes in my car and only pull the wool from there that Barb selects for my rug.  That beautifully hooked Woolley Fox rug you see on the left was gifted to me by my departed friend Lesley Coveney. 
Sitting on top of that tote is a plastic bag filled with the over dyed wool for the background on Cats Meow rug (below).  I doubt much more will be hooked on it today as my frame will need to be packed.  I'm heading out in the morning to stay overnight with my pal Deb and Sunday morning we will both head to Ligonier, PA.
I'll have my iPad handy but will only have access to Barb's wifi when close to her house as there's no signal to the Woolley Cottage which is where we will stay.  So until I return, please be kind to one another and 'hook on'.



  1. I hope you have a fabulous time, Saundra. Will look forward to your pics when your return !

  2. Heaven is hooking at the Woolley Fox...I will always remember my first trip down the basement stairs...

    Hope you have a blast!

  3. Love how you attached samples of your wool on a ring!
    Have a wonderful time!!

  4. That will be a wonderful retreat, I hope you have fun and will look forward to hearing about it, when you get back.


  5. Sounds like a Great Time !!! Have Fun !!!!

  6. Saundra ~
    Oh, I'm showing my age. When I saw your blog title, I started singing the Denver song.
    I will have to remember your wool on the ring trick.
    SAFE TRAVELS!!!!!!!!
    Hugs :)

  7. Saundra,
    Have a great time at Barbara's. Wish I lived closer. Have quite a few of her patterns in my to-do box. Love them all. As you can, please show us how the camp goes.

    Happy hookin'


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