Thursday, May 29, 2014

WOO HOO! Last Loop Pulled

Yup, the last loop was pulled on The Cat's Meow rug but it still needs to be bound and that's not my favorite pastime.  Yet it is a necessity unless you have the financial resources to have someone else do it for you ~~ uh, I don't.  Once it is bound I'll have a good pic to post on my web site for patterns.  Here is what it looks like after the last loop was pulled and the picture was taken with a flash so it is more bright here than in person.
A picture without a flash which is a tad blurry.
Here are a couple photos taken while at camp last week.  This picture is taken by my gal pal who used a lense which distorts the picture, you can notice it particularly by the curvature of the corner cupboards ...sorry.

To the far left in this picture is Barb's daughter Robin having lunch with us; then there is me, Shari and Deb. Missing is Mary, who is taking the photo and Barb who is relaxing upstairs during lunch.
And, a person who was sorely missed this camp was our wonderful gal pal Char who has become a Snowbird.  This past year she became almost an extinct being since we've not seen her.  We read messages from her but not the same thing as having up close and personal contact.  So here is a picture from a previous camp at Woolley Fox with our gal pal Char. 
In the picture above is Shari, me, Deb and Char.  We sure are busy hooking and having fun.

With the time left tonight it will be fun hooking on Magdalena's Farm rug started at Barb's.



  1. The rug came out beautifully and the camp looks like fun, especially those piles of wool in the background, lol.


  2. Your rug is just plain FUN! You hooked that in a big hurry.
    Thanks for sharing the pics of your gal pals ~ and you :)

  3. Your rug is wonderful, Saundra.
    Great job. Your rug camp looks like great fun.

  4. Love how Cat's Meow came out. Just finished my small penny rug and my large Welcome rug.

  5. Wow,I am amazed how beautiful your rugs are such a great primitive rug! Hugs cheri

  6. Wow,I am amazed how beautiful your rugs are such a great primitive rug! Hugs cheri


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