Monday, May 26, 2014

Back to The Cat's Meow

You have no idea how much I wanted to continue hooking on Magdalena's Farm rug which is what I was working on at Woolley Fox.  But there really is so little left on the Cat's Meow, and as it was started first, makes sense that I should finish it first.  Besides, it will just make the reward of working on Magdalena's Farm even sweeter with having to wait.

So what I have left should be quick and easy, I hope.  Here's what's left to hook... just a wee bit more on the top left corner and then it will be the binding to do.  Once finished I'll post a picture of my finished piece on my web site for pattern orders.  But if you are interested in purchasing the pattern before it is posted on my web site you can write me HERE.  The dimensions of this rug are 30 x 30
Enjoy your Memorial Day with family and friends as we thank those service men and women who made the ultimate/life sacrifice to keep us free.  They all put themselves in harms way doing what they felt was their duty to protect our Nation and our people. 

My heart goes out to all those families who lost a son, brother, husband, father or friend.  God Bless our Military and God Bless America.
Flag in the Blue Sky


  1. I love how you chose reds, whites & blues for your cat's meow rug! I love the design and of course I'm smitten with kittens ;)
    ~ Lori

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  3. So close...
    God Bless America.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. That is a wonderful rug, love how all the colors came together.


  5. Your rug is looking sooo good. And you are sooooo close to the finish! Nice work.

  6. Looks great Saundra!
    Looking forward to seeing your Magdalena rug.


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