Saturday, May 24, 2014

Honey's, I'm Home!

I arrived home Thursday around 5 p.m. and about 2 hours left to my drive home the car radio was interrupted with tornado and extreme thunder storm weather warnings moving all around me. My eyes kept a watchful eye in the rear view mirror and couldn't get home fast enough.  Since all ended well I guess it was a fitting big BANG to the class at Woolley Fox.

Did I have fun you ask?  Uh, yeah, and I always do.  My friend Evelyn wrote me asking if I was happy with the rug I hooked there.  Seems a silly question since Evelyn hooks at the camp so knows the answer herself.  My response to Evelyn was, "Yes, I like every rug that comes out of Barb's class".  Mine is no exception. 

Here are some pictures of my pals rugs and the pictures were taken 2 1/2 days into the class.  This is a picture of my friend Mary with her rug and the picture is taken on the deck of the Guest House on the Woolley Fox premises.
This is my friend Shari who is working on Barb's pattern called Rags.  She is hooking the dog in the color of her dog.
My gal pal Deb is hooking Magdalena's Animal Parade which is a humongous rug measuring 33 x 79.  She is hooking it in #9 strips.  You should see that duck up close and personal....awesome.
And finally mine, which is Magdalena's Farm and measures 24 x 38.  All those markings on the rug translate to instructions from Barb.  She has a great teaching technique which makes it easy to remember.  Since these are small classes Barb brings each student to the planning area individually and concentrates on THAT rug only.  Once that student is ready for the next stage then Barb calls up the next student.
I love everything about my rug ~ everything!  What's funny is that I'd become accustomed to putting some sort of purple in the rug since my first class with Barb.  She had already color planned everything except the background and the corner swag.  I was beginning to wonder if this would be my first rug from a Barb class without could that be?  FINALLY, there was that bit of purple I'd come to expect and enjoy in a rug from Barb's class. 

I'd intended to come home and finish up the Cat's Meow rug which is very close to being done.  But, I just wanted to continue the ambiance I'd enjoyed at Ligonier with Barb and my gal pals so have kept this on the frame.  Tonight I'll continue hooking on this rug and tomorrow think I'll finish up the Cat's Meow and be done with that one since it is so close to being done.

Gals, if you ever get the opportunity to take a class with Barb please treat yourself.  It is an experience watching Barb's brain work on the color planning process.  Sure wish the talent would rub off on me but no matter how many classes I've taken with her I still don't feel my magic happening with the color planning.

If you are interested in taking a class with Barb at Woolley Fox, click HERE to see the information.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. That sounds like such a wonderful class, have always loved her style and designs. Your rug is coming along beautiful and nice wool choices.


  2. So glad you made it home safe and sound!! And you had a wonderful time. Lovely works in progress.

  3. What fun, lucky you Saundra I can see how all the rug hooking camps you go to pay off! Hugs cheri

  4. i was in Blades at the cementary burying my mom's ashes when all that happened.glad it missed us.

  5. Saundra ~
    All the rugs are amazing! You got so much done. Now I wish I had bought that pattern when it was on sale...sigh.
    Happy Memorial Day.
    Hugs :)


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