Saturday, May 31, 2014

Magdalena's Farm Rug in Progress

I was tempted to keep on hooking and take a picture later and update my blog this evening.  But that is exactly what happened yesterday ~ ...oh Saundra, just hook in that small empty space.  Okay, so now let's hook around the horse.  Oh, but I want to hook that space under the goat's belly.  So then it became almost bed time and too tired to mess with the blog. 

The rug is spread out on my back deck and photographed in natural light, no flash.  I can see it has ripples so should have taken more care to spread it out better.
Magdalena's Farm is the perfect size for me and measures 24 x 38.  My gal pals Deb and Mary were hooking much bigger rugs which you can see in a previous post from Barb's camp.  The longest rug I ever hooked was Domestic Zoo and that will maintain as the record if I have anything to do with it.

As I'm looking at what I've hooked am trying to decide whether to finish the area to the far left and fill in the background or finish the bird motif.  Think I'll finish the left side so that I can call that part done.

If you're interested in ordering Magdalena's Farm pattern just e-mail or call Woolley Fox I'm sure they can fix ya up.  I've attached a link to the Magdalena page for your convenience.  You can see how others have hooked this design and see other Magdalena patterns while you're there.

Have a great evening and please be kind to one another. 



  1. I love her patterns, timeless designs and yours is coming out beautifully.


  2. That is a great design, you are hooking fast...

  3. Your farm is lookin' good :) To me, that is a big rug!!! You will be done soon...sigh. I am so jealous.
    Happy Sunday :) I need to get outside and do some yardwork!!!


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