Monday, May 12, 2014

The Cat's Meow

Ooh, think I like that name for this rug instead of what I've been using.  I've dubbed it 'Cat, Birds and Blooms' but that is quite a mouthful.  Besides I'm really enjoying hooking the design so think it IS "The Cat's Meow". 
Things are working out well as I get to the count down to Woolley Fox camp.  This rug is the only one on the frame and all but one has been bound.  The Granny Geometric is left and will be bound on the 4 hour road trip to Woolley Fox as my pal Deb drives.  That way it will keep my mind busy as we climb the elevation in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and for you moms out there, hope it was extra special.  Hugs to all and please be kind to one another.

This one isn't on my web site yet but I did post a picture of my Santa and Deer rug there today.  As soon as this one is done I'll post it on my web site too. 

Speaking of web sites... mine really needs a day shifting things around.  Oh well, one day I'll get around to it.  So all I can recommend is you just scroll thru all the old stuff and maybe you'll find a block which has something new in it.  Yup, sounds like a rainy day activity for sure.  But not this week as I'm leaving for Woolley Fox at the end of the week and lots to do before I leave.

OH!!!!!  The rug name......I'd love to hear some suggestions for the name of this rug.  So far I've called it these:  Cat, Birds and Blooms  ~  The Cat's Meow.    But I am open for suggestions and would love to hear them.  Normally I don't sell patterns of a design until after I've hooked it to have a picture for people to see of what I did.   But this time 4 were sold immediately. 



  1. The rug is coming out beautifully and love the shades you are using. No idea for names, my brain is on hold;)


  2. No matter what you call it, it's terrific. You sure have been cranking out the rugs lately!
    Hugs :)

  3. The rug is coming along swimmingly. :) the colors are purrrrrfect. What's in a name...

  4. this rug is coming along great...dreamy old colors...

  5. Love the name "Cat's Meow" and your is looking great.

  6. You have gotten so much accomplished Saundra!
    "Cats Meow" would be my choice too!
    Have a great time at Woolley Fox!

  7. yep I love Cat's Meow! Have fun at camp!!


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