Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rug Hooking Smorgasbord

At least the entire post is about hooking albeit talking and this and a little of that.  The circle mat has been completely hooked and given it's first steaming.  It has even been trimmed and serged 1" beyond the last row of hooking.  
Eventually I'll get around to giving a tutorial with binding tape showing 'how to' with the curved corners.  But that is in a near future post. 

So then it was time to clean up those pesky but usable leftovers which had collected once again.  I had reduced them from the huge web tote which was stored for years with the Granny Geometric.  So that rug hooked those were separated out.  But then found another basket with leftovers in it which were instantly redirected to the circle rug.  Now that the circle rug is hooked this is what I gleened from the leftovers this morning over a few cups of coffee; you can see the empty basket in the background.
Then into the appropriate colored baggie they went to be useful once again on another rug.  This was time well spent as it is a great resource when you need a certain color and don't want to pull out yardage to get a couple strips.  However, the first time around was a struggle since I'd waited so many years before separating them out.   

Sometimes, if I've precious little of a certain wool that I like and it is on the shelf I'll fold the strips and insert them into the middle of the wool.  That way I don't need to search through my spaghetti string wool strips to find extra.

Plans were to also post a picture of the vintage Cat rug to show my progress but think I'll hold off until next post in order to get more hooked. 

OH!!!!!!  speaking of the Cat rug.... remember my post of 'dying in anticipation'?  Click on that previous link if you can't remember.  Anyway, most of that wool (if not all the wool) was purchased when Heavens to Betsy had their remnant bag sales. 

Well guys and gals, while they last the remnant bag sale has started.  So click on Betsy's link and grab yours before they are gone.  This has been a fun time to get larger samples of wool they have without buying yardage, and also fun to do what I did by have a variety of wool to overdye in the same dye pot.  Check it out.

Have a fantaboulous evening and please be kind to one another AND to defenseless animals.



  1. You are just too fast!!! Fast hooker. Yup, if I looked that up in the dictionary I bet I'd find your picture. Looking forward to your binding tut. I've never hooked a rug with rounded corners.
    Hugs :)

  2. I saw that remnant bag sale but I'm trying to resist. (It's so hard. Lol).


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