Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Wishing a very....... all my on-line blog friends.

Hope all your wishes come true and that you get to relax and hook a bit during the down time after the BIG time of tomorrow's celebration with children, family and friends.

Proud grandma that I am must boast about my 11 year old grandson.  On Sunday he had the lead in his church play which had a Christian message.  Zach memorized his lines, some of which were long, but he had emotion in his words, not monotone like he was reading it off a page.

Naturally grandma took numerous photos but we were in the back of the church since the place was packed before my dear DIL got there to save seats.  Therefore these pics are at a distance and blurry.  Zach is the one in the white shirt.  Yeah, I know he has long hair in this photo.  For years Zach has had either a buzz cut, flat top or normal combed hair. 
And, BTW, Zach is on the honor roll, is only 11 but reading grade 7 level and excels in math.  So his mom and I agree that as long as he walks the straight and narrow with community, school and church he can have long hair for a while.  In case you think he is big for his age..... he is.  His dad is 6' 1" and his mom (my daughter-in-love) is at least 5' 11" so his destiny is to be taller than both I think.

Sorry, I try not to do the gushing grandma thing often but this kid is just awesome and on this Christmas Eve just wanted to share.  Lucky I didn't post all the rest of the photos I took.... just sayin'.

Merry Christmas to all of you.



  1. Oh I totally get the Grandma pride. I could burst at the seams with that pride of my grandchildren.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Gush all you want. You have every right to be proud!!!
    Merry Christmas.
    Hugs :)

  3. Nothing wrong with being a proud grandma and I think he looks cute with long hair. I let my son have long hair when he was little since it was so fine and thin. And I did get an invite to visit, so letting go and letting things work out on their own was a good thing;)

    Have a wonderful day with your family tomorrow.


  4. Aren't they the greatest, these grands :-))

  5. Merry Christmas! Gramma's (how we spell it) have deserved the right to gush. I think that most boys go through that long hair faze. My son who is now 51 had long hair at 12 years old. I was so glad when he started high school it was gone. :-)

  6. Good for him, he sounds like a great fellow! You have a right to be proud! Hugs to Ben, Merry Christmas!


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