Friday, October 2, 2015

Behind The Scenes at Cape May

Sounds a little 'insider', exciting and mysterious doesn't it?  There's a little of all that in this post.  This is the camp store, well part of it, as there was Norma's wool on the left side of the room and some of Linda's wool to the right in this photo below. 

  • NOTE:  if you touch or click on a photo it will enlarge to see the images better.  

You can see a witch along the lattice screening.  The witch has a hooked face and was among a few of the Halloween items remaining  from my last show so took them to sell in the store.  There are also a few Applique Jacks, Candy Corn Cats, and pumpkin angel.  Most everything sold and several people requested my making them a witch but declined ~ am totally done with making dolls to sell.
Morning mess below in hooker's heaven at Cape May.  Hookers are beginning to arrive day two and in the center is Linda Woodbury welcoming us all back to begin another day.  Norma and Linda, the organizers, do a magnificent job of hosting this two week event.  It is two weeks with 4 different teachers each week.  Some hookers even stay for two weeks and take classes both weeks with different teachers.   
Below is a section of the "Secret Garden" just outside the dining area where our class was being held.  Matter of fact, my seat was just inside that window so I could see and hear the water falling from sink to sink in the garden.  Do you know mesmerizing and sleepy that sounds makes you feel?  It was a delightful and calming sound; think I had the best spot in the house, a breeze, wonderful sounds and smells of wet soil and flora.
The other hooking room is affectionately dubbed 'The Dungeon' by the hookers as the lighting isn't as good as in the dining hall.  That is depending on where you sit too.  I've had classes there and use an Ott light when my teacher is assigned that room.  One never knows which room you'd be in until arriving at camp. This year it was Cammie's and Michelle's turn to be in the dungeon.  
Actually after the initial greeting and planning by the teachers, most students head out to hook on the porch in great light and rocking chairs anyway.

This is my pal Deb hooking on the porch days before the 'throw down'. Wanted you to see how she changed the design from a fox to a family dog, you can see the curled tail Deb drew and the original tail of the fox. I know the dog and Deb nailed it!  Great job Deb!
Now for the mysterious part.  You who have been to The Chalfonte understand the history of this Victorian hotel and frankly all of Cape May.   In 2011 I took pictures of Joan and Annie.  Double click on the photos and look for the orbs which appear visible to me.  Am not sure if the orbs are angels hovering the girls or if they are spirits who dwell in the room.  Some of you may not believe in angels and spirits but I do and am very receptive to this sort of thing.

Last year as I was going thru photos and reducing them in size using the Paint program saw some more interesting things.  In the dungeon again, there is an orb near Deb, the gal in a jeans jacket.
Later in the evening I heard a band playing in the bar so went down to listen, look and get a couple photos to find lots of surprises. In the next two photos there is an orb to the right against the screen near the push wooden middle part of the screen.
The orb below is in the center of the wooden push area on the screen, I can see it clearly in this small photo as I'm typing.
I have drawn a black box around the area on the screen where the orb below can be seen as it seems to move around.
And now for the creme de la creme.  My very favorite visible sign of a ghost that makes me happy.  Now I'm standing inside back portion of the bar to get a frontal picture of the band.  Mind you I've no idea of capturing anything except band photos.  Okay, double click on the photo below and look at the right side of the curtain.  You will see what looks like a streak of light but it goes beyond the curtain and into the molding.  I believe that is an image of a woman who is wearing a long dress with a V in the front or perhaps a dress and coat with a V.  If I'd known she was there I'd have panned the camera upward.
In past years I wasn't looking for anything and was surprised when I opened up the photos.  This year I went in search of orbs and activity but only found one orb in the dungeon.  

Okay, kiddies, that was a little of the behind the scenes.  Hope you were able to see the orbs and the woman in the curtain.  If you're a non-believe hope you were entertained anyway.  Have a great evening everyone.



  1. Looks like a nice place for a hook in and outside is always better in the nice weather. I do like her dog, gave it a fun look.


  2. I see her! and the orbs…and I believe. wholeheartedly.
    we have three sisters 'living' with us here in this old farmhouse…they are buried on the property in the old family graveyard. We have experienced them many many times ~ we hear them holding conversations, we can smell flowers in the dead of winter and feel their presence all the time. love that you are receptive as well my friend! Looks like a great time was had by all attendees, even those 'visiting' ;)

  3. This looks like such a fun time! The location is great! I am always intrigued by stories of roaming spirits so enjoyed seeing all the pics.

  4. This looks like such a fun time! The location is great! I am always intrigued by stories of roaming spirits so enjoyed seeing all the pics.


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