Sunday, October 4, 2015

I'm up for the Challenge

That would be the Out of Hand Rug Hooking  Challenge on Facebook. My friend Lauren has informed the challenge has been extended until October 10th.  So if you are still interested in joining, click on the link above to enter.  Although I tried twice to download the group's icon, just couldn't get it to work.  Well never was the most computer savvy person.

We were provided several vintage motif templates by Lori Brechlin and we could chose any and all of them to design our rug.  Would you believe I really wanted simple easy design?  I love the Nantucket Broom Ride and am still excited to continue on that.  

However, since the challenge started yesterday wanted to do my good faith effort and post at least something on the group's site to show that I really am in the challenge. This is what I've done so far and will continue working tonight on it.  But baby, tomorrow the witch and the whale goes back on my frame so I can finish it.  I know that my challenge rug will still be done by the deadline but so in love with the what I started at Cape May.
Okay....forget the premature inside frame line.  I was going to make my piece simple with one LARGE dog and a border to keep it simple.  Then the other challengers came up with such elaborate and creative designs that mine felt lame.    

Am pretty sure I'll change the door color and know for sure my challenge piece WILL be done by the deadline.

Happy October everyone.



  1. WAAAHHHH! I don't even have a pattern drawn yet.
    FYI...the deadline for joining has been extended until October 10. That is posted on the OOHRH page, not on the challenge page.
    Hugs :)

  2. I really like your design. I'm questioning mine now but felt pressure to post one as everyone else was posting theirs. I'm finishing my pillow before I start hooking it

  3. Love your design and a fun challenge, miss doing them when were had the rug groups. I need to do some rugs, in the mood lately and it is relaxing.



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