Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cape May Throw Down

Must admit that I love the throw down of camp in-progress rugs on Thursdays as much as the finished rug show on Wednesday.  It is then you can see what people are working on, the name of the rug, designer and colors chosen.  These are some incredible pieces and the work is awesome.

Love the colors chosen for this foot stool cover, colors are so rich!
This pattern Turkey and Tallowberris is also new in my stash so now there are 'only' 28 patterns in my stash, not counting the two that I'm working on, and not including the Out of Hand Rug Hooking Challenge rug which is being drawn up tomorrow.
Lori Brechlin's design above as well as this one below.
 Nice neutral colors, one day I want to take a class with Jayne Hester do something similar with a design.
 Handsome and regal lion.
 Ya know how you buy a pattern because you're in love with the design and then later you no longer have an interest in the motif?  Happens to all of us when our theme or interests change.  So this gal is using the border but changed the chickens to a floral design and love how she has transformed the design.  BTW, I hooked the Speckled Hens and love where it sits in my kitchen but also know how we change our minds.
You may see some duplicate pictures as the crowd along the street with us students checking out and taking pictures, we move to let others take a picture and then come back.

Was watching the gal throw this "Mouser" down and commented that I too had hooked the Mouser.  She winked and said, "Oh no, this one is a "Rater".  Got a big chuckle out of that one.
Bea Brock has a couple wonderful designs accounted for in this throw down and these colors are lovely.  Love how she has gotten such detail in the stems and leaves.....but,uh, she pulled that off with a narrow cut. 
Love this design by Lucille Festa and the colors the hooker is using. Mine is hanging in my living room, love it.
Obviously the gal who is hooking this rug brought it already started.  No way she could have accomplished this much (unless it was Cheri Reid) in just 4 days. 

This is my pal Deb's piece.  It is a design by Spruce Ridge and was a fox. Deb changed the shape of the tail and face to look more like her daughter's dog.
Like this Polly Minick's Sam's Hat and Flag design and the hooker is using great colors in the hat.
Like this design below.
Another patriotic design a design by Lori Brechlin offered by Spruce Ridge Studios.

This work of art below is being hooked and was designed by Eric Sandburg.  It is the foot of Christ with the nail hole and blood from being nailed to the cross.  Such talent!!!!!!!!!
 Obviously grandma's love in progress for her granddaughter.
 Some primitives coming below.

And then there was mine and thought I'd keep a record of what it looked like last Thursday a week ago.

Well kiddies, time for me to walk Ben before the monsoon starts again. This rain is going to get very annoying even before the more strong winds and even stronger rain begins.  Have loaded up with batteries, have candles, water, food and liquid refreshment...if'n ya know what I mean.

Have a good evening everyone and hope everyone stays safe from Joaquin.



  1. beautiful rugs ~ thank you for showing them! can't wait to see your challenge rug my friend!

  2. Love seeing all the rugs and designs, been awhile since I have hooked or looked at the newer patterns, lots of fun ones here.


  3. You don't want to run out of liquid refreshment...wink, wink.
    So many wonderful works if progress. There are many I'd love to hook.
    Stay safe and dry, my friend.
    Hugs :)

  4. So many great pieces. Thanks for the inspiration. I am struggling with my challenge design

  5. What gorgeous rugs!!!! Can't wait to pull out my hooking. I'm finished with work for the week and am looking forward to a nice rainy weekend. Perfect for planning my challenge rug!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love seeing all that talent and inspiration. I hope the storm misses you and my kids.

  7. Loved seeing all the rugs from Cape May! Such talent! Stay safe & dry over the weekend. Sounds like a perfect time to stay in & hook!!

  8. Thanks so much for posting so many wonderful rugs, it was a real treat to see!!

  9. next best thing to be there...thanks for all the eye the fox/dog rug...I too dream of a class with Jayne...

  10. Did you get a picture of the Susan Quicksall pattern being hooked in Kris's class? My camera battery was dead and I didn't get pictures of the throw down. Thanks for sharing!


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