Saturday, October 3, 2015

Nantucket Broom Ride

Figured it was about time to post an updated picture of Nantucket Broom Ride, which is what I started at Cape May rug camp.  It is a pattern offered by Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios based on the art work of Lori Brechlin, NotForgottenFarm.  

Although I did tweak a little on the witches' arms, well really around the arms, it still looks confusing to me and know what I did.  Since the purple dress was so very close to the background in value  was concerned so Kris suggested putting a halo effect around the witch and give her a radiance.  That would include the arms near the background between the two arms.

Here's the situation 1) I wanted my witch to wear purple but didn't want an in your face purple; 2) it is a night sky so unless the dress was really a light or bright color it would blend in with the dark background.

Yet, since it is nighttime guess the witch would be almost not noticed anyway, right ....right?, lol.
Just now looking at the brown purple roof on the white chipped house am wondering if I shouldn't just pull out the halo and let the witch ride her whale in the glory of her purple dress.  So just now laid out some wool background strips on top of the hat.  It just might work, maybe. At this point I'm afraid to jump in with both feet and be hasty to pull loops. BTW, if you want to see the pictures better just click on the photos.
Just LOVE my whale with the blotchy colors (thanks Kris).  And I love antique rugs with blotchy backgrounds so of course I'd love a blotchy whale.  When I started the tail I over did it with the textured wool and had to pull out several strips because there was too much white in the wool showing up and made the tail heavy.  It is much  nicer now.  Love the houses too.

I'm going to tell a sweet story about Kris.... if Kris is reading this now she is probably gasping but it's okay Kris.  When she/we were collaborating about colors Kris had a had full of wool and was rolling it.  And she said, "so what would Barb do?"  OMG, that was the highest compliment any teacher can give another teacher.  But truth is, I've asked myself that same question when I'm in a pickle and mentioned that to Barb one year at camp.  Obviously the Barb I'm talking about is Barb Carroll of Woolley Fox Rug Camp.    

Right now I've this design in-progress and a sheep design in-progress. So now guess they need to be put aside as I've signed up for the Out Of Hand Rug Hookers Hook-a-Long.  It is a closed group now and today is the first day so should get my pen to linen and begin.

Hope everyone reading this is surviving Joaquin.  Have had lots of rain here but no damage as of yet and no power outages.  I was prepared tho.

Please be kind to one another; if only there was more of that because I believe it IS contagious.



  1. I love the houses and the whale, hoping to see more of everything as you go along. I always am intrigued by the way you work out your choices as you go along. Plenty of rain here, but not like everyone is getting, we do have flash flood watches through tomorrow.

  2. maybe by leaving the halo off,= around her dress, you will have to come in for a closer look? that always intrigues me ~ I like to 'hide' things so folks have to lean in a bit ;)

  3. That is a wonderful pattern and I love what you have hooked so far. I like the witch but if parts are bothering you, just change them because otherwise you'll never be happy with that piece

  4. What a whimsical rug design - your colors are wonderful and I can't wait to see it all done. FUN!

  5. I really love this rug, such a fun design and I always love your color choices and i know you will get it just the way you want by the time you finish it.


  6. Hi Saundra- This is such a fun rug. I've seen you struggle over the witch's arm and was thinking maybe just do them in black like she's wearing a jumper? Or does that pose a problem with the arm in the back (her right arm)?

  7. What a fun, fun rug!!! I was kind of thinking like Margaret...just do the arm in a bit of a contrasting color and forget the outline. But what the heck do I know?
    Hugs :)


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