Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Hallow's Eve

This neighborhood used to have young kids who would dress up and visit homes in this small community, now they are too old so doubt that I'll have anyone visit tonight.  Even my grandson is of the age where he wants to go out with pals so their moms drive them around then they gather and share the bounty at the end of the evening.

Below is a Netty LaCroix witch I made several years ago and subsequently sold at a show.  Loved making her dolls.
Then here is a pattern called Hobo Joe, designed by Lucille Festa as a cut out and I chose to hook the background and added his chest.
Before him I hooked Hester which was a free pattern in Primitive Quilts and Projects.
Last year I designed and hooked Mache Jacks just before Halloween.  I don't own an antique jack-o-lantern but always wanted one.  My blogger gal pal Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) has some and you should see her decorations.  Bet she has lots of candy to hand out too.
And of course my latest and greatest treasure just finished is Nantucket Broom Ride, a design offered by Spruce Ridge Studios from the art work of Lori Brechlin.
The last few days I've been very busy doing patterns and have been remiss in acknowledging some newbie hooker questions.  I've written to the gal to let her know I've not abandoned her, just busy.  And tonight's post was easy since the pictures were readily available and didn't have to think much, lol.

Kim, sweetie, hope those clowns don't come near your house.  

BOO to all of you.


  1. BOO to you too Saundra. Happy Halloeen. Have a quiet evening like us. No clowns here except me.

  2. Your rugs are wonderful. Busy passing candy out to little ghost and goblins.

  3. BOO! What a fun collection of Halloween rugs! Our neighborhood fluctuates...some years lots of kids...some years, not so much. Enjoy!

  4. Your mache jacks are wonderful and festive. Each one unique. I still can remember having one to gather candy !
    Happy Halloween, Saundra.

  5. Halloween , your rugs are a great distraction while I wait for the little goblins to arrive. I love them allπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

  6. Of course I just love everything you hook!
    I ran out of candy (had a bag with 130 pieces but I ate one) in just 50 minutes!!! No leftovers for me...sigh...which is a good thing.
    Hugs :)

  7. Since 1969 I have lived in Tallahassee, usually in an apartment, a townhouse or at my farm. In all that time I have never had any child ring my doorbell for trick or treating. Now that I am in a subdivision, I thought it would change.

    Luckily I can share the chocolate miniature candy with my sisters. And put some in the freezer until summer.


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