Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Puppy Love

Was busy today shipping a Domestic Zoo pattern to a customer plus drew and shipped a pattern to Polly Minick for her to hook.  Tomorrow I'll be busy drawing another 4 patterns for Polly but she needed one right away.  Later today was able to pull a few loops on the Out of Hand Rug Hookers Challenge which I named Puppy Love.  Not so sure how much will be accomplished tomorrow tho since I'll be busy.
I'm hoping to hook a few cobblestones along the walk and hope that is allowed. I know new motifs aren't allowed in the challenge, only those provided by Lori were to be the motifs in the challenge rugs.  

As for the Nantucket Broom Ride, I'm still yarn whipping the last edge and hope to finish that over coffee tomorrow morning.  Then is only the tacking down of the inside edge.  So for sure I'll have this beauty on my harvest table before the weekend.  I'll bore you with another picture of that beautiful rug which happened with a lot of love from a lot of my friends.  Might even give me incentive to scrub my kitchen floor. 

Coming soon is to show you what I'll be hooking at rug camp just 11 days and a wake up away.  

Have a great evening everyone, and beginning tonight we in Delaware will be hunkered down with LOTS of non-stop rain and am sure many of my readers will be in the same path or has been there already.



  1. I think a new motif would be an object like an animal, but a walkway is more scenery and i would think that would be allowed so everyone could do theirs differently.


  2. I think cobblestones can be called background...not a new motif...great name and love the first dog...

  3. Oh, oh, oh. I'm lovin' the puppy and the grass color.
    I can't imagine cobblestones would be a new motif!
    Hugs :)

  4. I finished the fall rug I was working just in the nick of time. Now to bind it and get started on my challenge rug.

  5. Oh, your puppy looks lovely.
    Put your cobblestones in and if it's not allowed then rip them out.
    I think it should be allowed. It make this challenge more challenging.

  6. Love it so far. I think cobblestones would be ok. Just call them random grey shapes :). Stay safe and dry. Heavy rain heading this way for Thursday they say

  7. What a great bird on top of the house !
    Rain and wind arriving today in PA.
    Looks to be a long day of stitching ;)
    My favorite kind of day !


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