Friday, January 8, 2016

A Little This and a Little That

A few years ago I started doing shows with mainly hand made dolls. Then began hooking and wanted to introduce my hooking of smalls to sell. Mostly small items sold but did get lucky (?) and sold a few larger pieces too; some I wish I still had.   Anyway recently I went thru the container which holds my show hooked items to see what could be listed on etsy. But first it needed to be tweaked as my eye sees things differently now.

Am fighting the urge to show you the 'after' photo first but will show you the 'before' and what was pulled out of the container to tweak.  I love the design which is Hearts and Flowers Oval, a design by Kindred Spirits from one of their booklets.  Can't remember which booklet but perhaps Ali Of Kindred Spirits can tell you.  
Looking at it now realize the hearts are lost since they are pink and light in value.  They need to look like hearts.  So to my worm bag I went.  Since the border and some of the blocks are hooked with a textured red and blue looked in my red worm baggie.
Under the lights that red looked close with the red in the texture so pulled out loops and hooked one heart and took a look.  Sure does look bright but better than the lost pink heart.
So decided to hook the other heart as well.  Then the flowers were sorta blah and hooked some red in there too.  I think this looks much better.  The measurements are 10" x 23".
Now, remember yesterday's blog post mentioning those clips to hold the rolled edge of a rug?????  Well today I own some.  Sorry for the horrible washed out photo, but you can see the Clover Clips which works much better than the straight pins I was using.
They are pricey BUT, they are presently on sale at Hancock Fabrics 30% off PLUS I was able to use a coupon for more money off.  Since there are 50 clips in the container a couple hookers could purchase one, split the cost and split the bounty.  

Have a great evening everyone.  As I'm closing my post am wondering... do I want to bind or hook on my sheep??  Think I'll hook a couple blocks on my sheep rug tonight as I want to finish that and put it in it's special place.



  1. Yup. I like the improved version better!
    Happy hooking.
    Hugs :)

  2. much better with the darker wool.
    also, I never liked those clips -- I SWEAR by safety pins. Doesn't the yarn get caught on those clips?

  3. It's amazing the difference this change made. I like it.
    I never used clips but then I whip my edge toward the back.

    Hook on.

  4. It is much better, I love the red.

  5. Your updates on the rug are impressive !
    Funny how we evolve in our craft and see things differently.

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Your rug looks WONDERFUL with all those touches of favorite color!!! Great Job!! It took the rug from nice to WOW!!!!! I have never used clips yet but will sure look for them next time I am out and about!! I always learn something new from you!!!! Thank You!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Warm Hugs~

  7. So much better but I bet it looked good to you at the time it was hooked.

  8. The red looks great! Never saw those clips. They are a bit expensive huh?



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