Sunday, January 10, 2016

Back to the Sheep's Border

As I worked  in the yard today taking advantage of the last nice weather, that meant hooking sacrifice.  This evening I did pull a few loops on the border yet still far away from being done.
Looking at the photo am wondering if the rug would be better with the corner blocks in a square and each corner hooked blue to anchor the rug vs. triangles of mixed color.  I just might try that when the next corner comes up.

A follower inquired about the wool used in the sheep outline, wool curves and inside border outline.  I showed pictures of the grey and white herringbone as well as the black and white herringbone used for the sheep's legs.  So if any of you want to purchase some herringbone just so happens DORR Mill Store is having their winter sale and both herringbones (and other wool) is on sale right now.  BUT, the sale ends on January12th, just two days away so don't procrastinate if you want sale wool.

Weather is changing tonight and temps are dropping rapidly right now. Seems it is time to pay the piper.

Have a great evening and sure wish I'd be the winner of that Powerball lottery....sigh.  Normally I don't buy lottery tickets but a group of us friends have thrown in a 'whopping' (lol) $10 each to buy a group of tickets in hopes of winning something.  I mean, $1.9 billion?????  Who could spend that much?

Later, Saundra


  1. That lottery is something for sure. Your sheep is so darling I like the triangles but that is just me.

  2. Think of me if you win that big lottery... Your sheep is looking so good and I think I'm falling in love with it. I too love the triangle corners but it's your rug. Do what makes you happy.
    Stay safe with that weather change.
    We're suppose to get rain with freezing temperatures tomorrow.

    1. That's rain tonight and freeze tomorrow.JB

  3. That would buy a lot of wine and wool! I went to the door site yesterday but I resisted

  4. I like the triangles, too :)
    Yard work in January??? Wow!
    Just remember that I'm one of your besties when you win.
    Hugs :)

  5. I like the triangles, but the squares in blue would work well too.

  6. I guess I'll be one of the few who might like squares in the corners !! I would try one at least and see what it looks like ;)
    Yesterday was beautiful here in PA also, but lawnwork ??? No.

  7. triangles :) & I agree with commenter Kim ~ lots of wine & WOOL!
    {and threads, linen, etc…}

  8. Hi Saundra,
    I just love how the rug looks with the triangles too, but sometimes you just need to try it to see if you like it better!! Even though it is still not done, it is just wonderful!!!
    That lottery is just beyond belief! If you win and don't know what to do with all the cash, I'm sure all your blogger friends have plenty of ideas!!! lol
    Stay safe and warm, my friend!
    Warm Hugs~


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