Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sheep Update

At least the major motif and background is all hooked and now working on the border.  For anyone just reading my blog, this was originally a pattern named Flag Day Sheep which I took creative license to make more like Woolley Sheep.  Both of those designs are a Woolley Fox design.
So far all of the wool used for the blocks in the border are from my worm stash.  A lot of the sky and ground color also came from my worms with a few cut strips for a little consistency.  Am hoping to use nothing but left over worms for the remaining border but it takes time to search thru the baggies of colors for just the right value of just the right color. Yet I am enjoying this rug very much and can't wait to put it on the floor.  Could be this one will be bound before the rug just hooked, which was a design by Tonya Robey 

Slow as she goes...... That is how the binding process is going with A Day in the Country, by Tonya.  I did do the preliminary machine stitching 1/4" away from the last hooked row, then two rows of straight stitching and one row of zig zag 1" away from the last row of hooking, then trimmed the excess away. Now it is resting until I get in the mood to start whipping.  Hey, don't want to rush into anything, lol.

Hope you have a great evening, already 6 days into the 2016.  Sheesh, where does the time go?



  1. I love that patchwork border Saundra!

  2. I love what you're doing with the border. A great way to use up left over worms for sure. Great colors too.

  3. Cute,cute,cute. Rug and border is just plain fun.

  4. You're nearing your first finish of 2016.
    Lookin' good :)

  5. I love them both, they just speak home!

  6. Always love seeing your rugs, and really like the color contrasts in your sheep.


  7. How many times can I say what a good hooker you are!! Hugs cheri

  8. Your sheep rug is just wonderful. It is one of my favorite rugs you have hooked.


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