Monday, January 25, 2016

On Your Mark..... Get Ready.....

With one rug bound have started binding the sheep. But I'm really wanting to hook as I've not pulled a loop in days.  Think this is the longest I've gone without hooking.  

Have decided to hook both of these horse mats and put them both on the same linen to conserve linen.  But there is enough between them to have fold back foundation for binding.  As you can see I've sewn some fabric to the top and bottom to be sure there is ample room for the grippers.  The sides are fine.
Will hook the bottom horse first and wanted a dirty background like the original.  So back to my worms and pulled out the mixed whites and since the original antique rug has some red, green and dark colors in the background mixed a few of those in too.  
 Next they are put in an onion bag with the end closed, then went into a dye pot after soaking.  This is a cool way to overdye worms without them getting tangled.  And for drying I have a dryer that has a shelf which can be inserted so the shelf stays stationery yet the tumbler rotates to circulate heat.
I'm using the Old Patina dye recipe which is:

Olde Patina

1/2 t. Khaki Drab (Cushings)
1/8 + 1/16 Golden Brown (Cushings)
1/8 Old Gold  (Cushings)
1/16 t. Dark Gray (Cushings)
1/64 t. Wood Rose (Cushings)

I mixed up the batch in 1 CBW but only used 2 tablespoons of the dye solution in the pot.  The rest I put in a small jar and labeled it to be used when I want something old and dirty for an antique adaptation.

Here is the result of that dye job.  If you recall this recipe was used to dye over worms once before and I had a few left.
The previous dye leftovers are on top and the new batch is below.  They are all mixed in together now.  Funny how the color changed; the top photo looks really yellow but not so in person.
There won't be much progress to show tomorrow as I'm just now getting ready to start on the horse.  So if you have any questions or something you'd like for me to write about tomorrow, leave me a comment.

Hope you have a great evening.



  1. Your wool strips came out perfect for your project!! Looking forward to seeing them hooked up.

  2. I dye left over wool worms too but haven't used a mesh bag. I would have been afraid it would have melted in the simmering water. Darn, I just threw away an onion bag a few days ago. I love the results. What is CBW, cup of boiling water?
    Now you must be a happy hooker. You got your horses to hook.

  3. Such wonderful horsies. I'm sure you will make them wonderful and old looking.
    I've copied the recipe and will put it with my dye stuff. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  4. Love love love your strips! your horses are great. I wrote down that recipe to try at some point.

  5. Those look great with the second dye and great idea for dying worms.


  6. I must say, I have dyed a lot of wool, but have never dyed wool strips. I always thought they would fray and tangle. Your way of doing this is perfect !
    Great tip !

  7. Hi Saundra,
    So happy for you that you got your horses all drawn up and are just about ready to GO!!! Love the idea of the onion bag clever!!
    The wool strips look wonderful and am excited to see your progress!!
    Happy Hooking, my friend!
    Warm Hugs~

  8. Brilliant dye technique - thanks for all the detailed photos! Hope you get to hooking soon!

  9. Saundra, what an excellent idea. I have wanted to dye worms forever, and could not figure out how to do it without everything getting knotted and tangled up. An onion bag. How smart!! Thanks so much for sharing that. I know I'll be doing it soon.


  10. Thank you for the information. How much wool strips did you put in the onion bag to dye with the 2 tablespoons of dye formula?


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