Monday, January 4, 2016

Who Would Like a Rug Show?

For sure I'd be the first one to put my hand up if asked that question in a room.  In perusing my most recent pictures of old rugs being sold at auction it seems to be the 'year of the fowl'.  Here is an antique Welcome mat with two chickens.  
This one below is red white and blue.  Take notice of the fowl; are they chickens, roosters or birds of prey?
Okay, so now look at this one.... Was it hooked by the same person and with the strapping at the legs makes me wonder if it is a bird of prey. I'm not familiar with a bird of this shape or stature so perhaps someone can enlighten me.
Below is a sheep and think the whole thing was hooked with yarn. 
Here's an interesting horse rug and don't think I've ever seen anything like this. Obviously there was a lot more like textile than dark textile available. Sure wish I could hear the hooker's story.
Oh, my, what a delightful running fox rug this is.  Not sure if it has lost some of it's color due to wear or the color of the red in the fox has faded.  Beautiful center but the border would be too much for me to take on for sure.
Here's a running horse with scrolls ~ many things I like.....a horse, neutrals, blotchy and tipping my toes in scroll hooking.
Okay kiddies, I'm not getting much accomplished on my sheep rug while I sit at the computer.  So I'm going back to work on the rug.  BUT, before I go would like to share a couple pictures of my big boy Ben with is he recent gift of the Wobble Wag Giggle toy.  OMG, he goes crazy with it.  Since he was pushing with his nose and moving around so fast it was hard to capture a good photo.  So I'll bore you with isn't blurry and what I could get on my camera.  

Then finally after he was played out I placed his new toy between his legs and he was too tired.   Or.... is he daring me to take it from him?
I did push the ball again so it would sound again and he continued to play until completely tired; then he took a nap.  

Have a great evening I'm going to eat and hook.



  1. love the show! I need to get off the computer too and get to my hooking.

  2. I always enjoy your rug show :)
    That last picture of Ben is TERRIFIC!
    Hugs :)

  3. Wonderful selection of rugs. Bean has a giggle ball, he went nuts when he first got it and still plays with it, but he tends to push them up the side of things or high enough to go flying into things so we prefer soft balls, lol.


  4. Love the show, not sure on that bird of prey, just maybe.

    How cute he is with that toy, ah I'd just love to hug him.

  5. Thanks for the great rug show Saundra.
    About the picture of the bird with spurs strapped to his legs looks like a fighting rooster of sort although his tail so not very fanny.

    I was looking up some roosters on video for my grandson and saw a video where they attached some metal spurs to rooster legs to fight. Such a cruel thing to do...
    I may be wrong about this bird though.
    Have yourself a great hooking day.

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Love all those rugs!! Once again, a great show!!! Your Ben is sure a handsome boy!! He looks so happy with his toy!!! I know Mama is happy too!! Looking forward to seeing what your next rug will be!!
    Have a great week!
    Warm Hugs~


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