Sunday, January 3, 2016

What Next??

Dang if I know!  But I'd better make up my mind soon before the sheep is finished.  Just hate not having something ready immediately to put on my frame.  Soon will begin the binding process on A Day in the Country and will do that in stages since it isn't my favorite part of hooking.

Although I have 28..YES....28 patterns drawn on linen in my stash there's surely something there to interest me.  Yet, I'm still thinking about this antique small since there is a spot on the wall just for a small size.
Tis true I have the small primitive cat mat I recently hooked which would fit perfectly in that spot.  But for some reason a horse is calling me.  I'd even thought about this antique horse below.  But like the idea of a dark animal motif and the shape of the one above is more to my liking.
I also have Woolley Fox's Olde Hearts pattern and with Valentines Day coming in February thought it might be fun to hook hearts.  Plus, I've the master patterns for the hearts designs Polly Minick did in her last book so could hook those.

However, yesterday I went to my 'show container' where I store the rugs and mats which didn't sell when doing shows.  A couple were listed on etsy and found one which needs a little tweaking before I list it.  It is a small mat so won't take much work... that may be my next immediate project.  You'll have to wait until later to see the before and after.

Meanwhile, this is my sheep and I'm in love with it.  Of course it is always the one I'm working on that is my favorite.  Okay, okay, thats a lie, lol.  There have been hooking projects which were shear torture for me to work on.  But most are heavenly.
Have a great evening everyone.  Please be kind to one another.



  1. When I'm hooking a rug, I always have 2 or 3 ideas of what I "wish" I was hooking. Then when I'm done, I can't decide. Lol. What ever you pick will be perfect. Close your eyes and pull one at random from the stash

  2. I am still working on my sheep too, but today I started on a small 5 pointed star that should go quickly due to it's small size. I am testing out some small quilt block designs to give as small mats to my quilting friends next Christmas. Then I have an ornament rug to hook......yeah for me as the lucky winner from you.

    Love your sheep and like the first horse better than the second.

  3. I like the dark horse better too, maybe it's because it's a horse in motion just like you. You never stop. You're a hooker, I'm just a hook.

    Your sheep is looking very special.

  4. Someone posted that horse a couple weeks ago. Was it Kelley? I printed it out because I absolutely LOVE it.
    I'm like you...many patterns on linen and not sure what I will be hooking next.
    Hugs :)

  5. I love the colors in your border. So lovely like always.

  6. Love the first horse!!
    Your sheep rug is so sweet, loving your border!! :)

  7. I do love the first horse, just has that look to it and would be easy to work up.


  8. I vote for horse #1, too. Something about those horizontal lines that draw me in. Your sheep is looking good.


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