Monday, January 18, 2016

Closing in on My Sheep

Nope, still not finished but am corralling that sheep at what seems like a snail's pace.  Am so glad to have at least tried hooking the one corner to see if that would 'ground' the piece and make it better. By unanimous decision by me and comments left on the blog the triangles won.  If you'd like to see the post with the corner block hooked just scroll down my blog or maybe it was even in December.
During the hooking process of the border have used ONLY worms from my baggies.  Numerous times I wonder if my choices are good putting a color beside that color is just two or three blocks down so now what??  And also the value in color needs to be in the equation.  

Looking at the rug above I'm questioning my three (3) tan blocks and wonder if they should be another light value color.  OMG, my friend Evelyn Lawrence continually tells me I'm my own worst enemy (critic).

So tonight perhaps I'll continue to whip the edge of A Day in the Country with the wool yarn as I've not finished the second side and there's more to do. Then I'll have an opportunity to look at my sheep rug.  

OH!!!!!  I think that when taking a picture of a rug that I should put a level on top to be sure it is placed on the floor straight.  However, perhaps that right side is shorter because there is unhooked space there.  Hmmm, ya think?

Have a great evening folks.  I'm cold here and happy to have some homemade soup to warm my 'innards' as my family used to say.



  1. I love your sheep, it looks great, but those tan color blocks do seem to stand out a bit, but it could just be the color on my computer. I am very cold here tonight, wind chills 15 below for us, and temps around 5. I could use a bowl of soup too.

  2. Saundra, your friend is right. You are your worst ennemy. those tan blocks are perfect. I double clicked on your picture to enlarge it and it's so beautiful.
    Just keep hooking those 4 left little squares and you're done.

    I turned the heat on in my hooking room and finished my rug. Now I need to dye some yarn to whip the edge. Do you think it will get done?


  3. I like how it looks and yes, we are our own worst critics, but if it bugs you or is not pleasing to your eye, then change it. I go by what makes me happy, not what is right or wrong;) Now i need to decide on a small mat to go on my new chair, want to use scraps to make it scrappy to match, so might do a simple starfish star.


  4. Evelyn is right! I think it looks great, but as Debbie said, if it bothers you, it would be an easy fix.
    Hugs :)

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Your rug is BAA-UTIFUL!! Perhaps once you get it all hooked, you can look at it again to see how you feel about those colors and then decide?
    I know that it will be amazing no matter what you decide!
    Soup sounds sooo good right is even chilly here in AZ and I could use of bowl myself!!!! Enjoy, and stay warm!
    Warm Hugs~

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Don't second guess your color selections so much. They are always spot on. Take for instance your "Nantucket Broom Ride" which is featured in Kris Miller's blog today as the Rug of the Day. She describes the journey you two did to select the right wool for use in your rug. She also admits she has that pattern put aside for her to hook.

  7. Beautiful !
    Your hooking always makes me smile.
    Get your snow shovel out, we will be hunkered down this weekend ! ;)


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