Sunday, January 31, 2016

Rug Hooking Chit Chat and Jonas revisited

This is my progress so far on one of the antique horse mats.  This one I drew to the size of 15 x 16.  Looking at the photo the red/orange threads in some wool is showing where it was hooked at the neck.  Not sure yet if I'll pull it out and use the more brown wool or not.  But you know me, it will probably but the heck out of me until I do.

Also, if you read my blog you know I wanted a lighter tail but not as light as the original antique.   Plus the background is using a mix of light wool worms dirtied up using the Olde Patina dye recipe.
And in case you've forgotten what the original looks like here it is.  This is an antique rug so if any of you wish to join me in hooking one to the size of your liking, feel free.
The sheep rug still hasn't been completely bound but I should get busy finishing that up before there are two more mats to bind.  

Happily I've gained 2 followers; not sure if they were ones previously lost who opened a gmail address and came back or new ones.  But whatever the case am happy to see the follower numbers increase instead of decrease.

Last weekend the east coast experienced the wrath of the nor'easter Jonas.  Depending on where along the coast you lived depended on whether you received snow or rain.  When this nor'easter occurred it also happened to be high tide, high winds, full moon and loads of rain and snow mix.

As I live inland, it was snow for me. The news photo attached below shows a photo of what Mercer Avenue in Oak Orchard, DE looked like.  

The white lamp post to the right belongs to my mother's house.  Yes, she lived in a flood zone as her house is across the street from the Indian River.  If you enlarge the photo you will see the picture was taken after the water had already receded 12" - 15".

The other photo was removed as it didn't pertain to Oak Orchard. 
Now the great news is that my brother and I who used to worry about flooding in the house each time there was a hurricane or nor'easter, had just sold the house in December so it isn't our problem any longer.

Enjoy your Sunday.



  1. I gained a couple followers, too :)
    Oh, my goodness. Your horse looks great. Just leave it alone!!!
    Thankfully you did not have to deal with flooding at your mom's house. Timing is everything.
    Hugs :)

  2. Sorry about the flooding but lad to hear it wasn't your problem.

    Liking your horse.

  3. Listen to Lauren, leave it alone Miss Fussy Pants! I am glad you hooked a little darker tail on the horse. Flooding is scary. Every time we get heavy rains I am scared to go down in my basement

  4. Your horse is looking great. I was wondering what cut was used on the original rug as it looks so fine.

    I'm glad that your followers number is going up. It will take some time to adjust.
    I'm glad that the house sold in December and it's no longer your flooding problem. We live in a flood zone and it's no fun yet I love living here.

    Take care and stay safe and healthy.

  5. Great progress! You'll be done before you know it. I noticed that I am still on your followers list, and I don't have a gmail account.


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