Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Horse is a Horse of Course......

Must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed all the humorous and creative comments made on the hooked horse head a post or so ago.  Now finally the horse is hooked.  
Well of course you know I'm the queen of tweak and in person the halter color is terrible next to the background color I've chosen.  So that will be pulled out.  And am thinking of replacing it with the strip of wool I have placed across the muzzle of the horse below.
ALSO, I don't like the second row of brown texture running toward the rump and tail on the horse so that will change too.  Yeah, I know it is primitive and want to keep it primitive but that line toward the tail looks painful, lol.

Okay, now that we know it is a horse, does anyone want to guess what design I'm I'm hooking?  I know there aren't a lot of clues so far but the next time I post am sure it will be a dead giveaway.

Keep warm everyone ~ winter is upon us.



  1. No guess this time. But I like what you have done so far. And yep Winter is here, need to shovel the driveway tomorrow to get out.

  2. You know we are never going to guess it! But it looks great so far. Bitter cold tonight and snow storm tomorrow. Grrrr. Stay warm

  3. Now that is one fine, primitive horse!
    Hugs :)

  4. Love ur horse! Sweet! I like the way u hooked him,,, would not have noticed the different piece in the horse!! Take care ,,, happy hookjng,,,,,

  5. I''m thinking your very prim horse is the very fine "Stubb's Horse Trainer"! Another great pattern by Barb Carroll of The Woolly Fox. The border will be a creative one to use up more of your worm stash!! Or perhaps it is "Stubbs' Runner, but, wow, that's a long one!
    Love those Woolly Fox patterns!!

  6. Wonderful horse and I have no idea what patter you are hooking.
    we are in the middle of a storm wish I could tuck in.

  7. I'm glad that your horse head found his body. He looks magnificent. I hadn't noticed the line leading to the tail but now that you mention it, I notice it. Only a trained eye like yours would have taken notice.

    Snow storm just started here and it's time to put wood in the stove.
    Happy hooking.

  8. Hmmmm.... nope, can't guess. but I'll impatiently wait to see what's next! Cold & Rainy here on the farm today ~ good hooking day, need to make soup :)

  9. Like your horse but I really need to send you a proper horse motif. You might consider adding maybe one more loop at the top of the horse's tail to give a bit more definition to the rump. But hey, who are I to talk? Still need to finish my rug of Seven Paces. What was I thinking getting such a big pattern?


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