Monday, December 19, 2016


Actually it was my friend Barb Carroll who came to my rescue once again.  Was a little short on textured wool for the rug so was mixing texture with 2 other flat similar shades.  I'd originally purchased the textured wool from Barb a couple years ago and was sure she had none left. 

Then I figured...'what can I lose by an email to Barb sending a photo and asking if she has more'.  VOILA... Barb wrote back saying she did and she shipped it with an invoice and sweet Christmas note. Wow, lucky me and wonderful Barb.
Yeah, I know, not much of a change in the look of the project due to the season and life in general.  But this is what my piece looks like now. The border is great for using leftover wool worms but for me it is a struggle choosing what goes next to what.  For some hookers this might be an effortless task but not for me. 
Very soon I'll show you the antique rug from which this is adapted. However, tomorrow's just might be showing dolls, bears, etc. that I'd made in the past.  

Newly found photos have been fun seeing my work thru the years. Some are still favorites and wish I had to display and enjoy for a month and then release again.  I love primitive, which shows in my rugs.  The same goes for my dolls made in the past.  And was (am) particularly fond of my black dolls and had a huge following.  So there will be pictures of historic replications of the past in some future posts.

Have a great evening and hope you are all warm.



  1. You got quite a lot done on the rug. Lucky to have found the same wool from your friend Barb. The Queen of Tweaker shouldn't worry about a little challenge of what color should come next.

  2. I find hit and miss trying, too. Not as easy as it looks.
    You are moving right along as always.
    Merry hugs :)

  3. That rug is looking great! glad you got the wool you needed not always easy.

  4. You are an inspiration to many, Saundra.
    So glad Barb had the wool you were seeking.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    So very happy Barb came through for you!!! She is your new Wool Fairy Godmother!!! Your rug is looking great and I really love the border!!!
    Happy hooking, my friend!
    Christmas Hugs~


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