Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wool, Background and Border

I'm getting closer to revealing the pattern on my frame ...but first let me show you what I'm using for the background wool.  Wish I had a little more of the windowpane wool but since there isn't enough to do the whole background with it will mix some of the other flat wool in the mix.  Actually think it will be okay because that brown line doesn't show up a lot when the loops are pulled.
Below are the wool textures I'm mixing and hooking the outside holding line and along the inside border.
I'm sure you are all scrunching up your nose with the vast difference in the wool but I like to mix it up and add a little spark here and there. Besides, don't think it looks all that outrageous when you see the mix in this photo.  

EEK, not sure I like that brassy gold in the border.  Might need to find something else to go there.  After posting this previous eek comment I went back to look at the rug in person and it really doesn't show this brassy in person.  So maybe I'll keep it for a while then look at it more critically later.
So far the only wool I've cut is the background, the border holding lines and some for the horse since I use so much primitive black.  Am trying my darndest to use up wool worms.  

Hope everyone has a great day and is warm.



  1. You're hooking along quite well with your new eye(s) I'm hoping to start a rug after the Holidays. We'll see how things goes. I finally started decorating for Christmas for the kids. They're arriving on Sunday.

    Happy Hooking.

  2. Hi Saundra,
    Love all the colors and know it will all work together! I also love the rug and you are moving right along with your new vision! I sometimes take a picture and wonder why it looks like that to the camera as it doesn't look like that to me!!!
    Happy Hooking, my friend, and Merry, Merry Hugs~

  3. Lookin' good as always. If you need any worms I'm sure I could spare a few :)
    Merry, merry,

  4. Love ur horse!! The wools look awesome!! Loveing it!!

  5. Think this is my favorite horse of all of the ones you have hooked. I always have liked black horses...even had one as a teen.

  6. I love your horse. What pattern can it be


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